The short story

The short story, “Hunter’s in the Snow” is a tale about male friendship and a hunting trip between three friends that results in a catastrophic event because of secrets and lies. Kenny, Frank, and Tub are the three characters who are dishonest to each other throughout their friendship. They secretly despise one another, which led up to the tragic event that happened.
Kenny is the orchestrator of the group. He is also the vain character and is very playful, which can cause problems between the three friends. With that being said he slipped up and blurted out Frank’s secret about his relationship with the fifteen year old babysitter, which no one else knows about. Despite his hatred towards Frank, he tries to use him to join forces against Tub.
Although Frank is the dominant one among the friends, he also has a passionate side. That explains his lust for the fifteen year old babysitter. Frank conveniently alternates sides among the friends because of the evident dislike between Tub and Kenny. When Frank said, “You can’t hurry nature. If we’re meant to get that deer, we’ll get it. If we’re not, we won’t,” I believe that Frank could possibly be spiritual as well.
Tub is the sympathetic of them all, therefore he is the only one who really shows any loyalty. “Tub ate one hard-boiled egg and a stick of celery.” this quote states that around his friends he is on a diet but while he is alone, he will eat a lot. “He ate both the sandwiches and half the cookies” is implying that he is in fact not on a diet. He is living a “double life,” hiding the fact that there is nothing wrong with his glands, and tells no one that he just is overweight for the simple fact that he likes to eat. Tub is the one character who cannot take up for himself, so instead he decides to eat.
Towards the end, the owner of an old, sick dog ordered Kenny to it to rest. Kenny wanted Tub and Frank to feel as if he were being deceitful for shooting the dog but he was in fact told to do so. As a result of the shooting, Tub felt that Kenny was wrong for shooting the dog so he started bickering and Kenny was tired of it. So he pointed the gun at Tub, not knowing that Tub was going to react and shoot him first. They set off to find help for Kenny and put him in the back of a truck but they never really intended on going to the hospital.
Moral of the story, your friends are not really your friends. They will leave you to die and that is exactly what Tub and Frank did to Kenny. Tub and Frank never really planned on going to the hospital to begin with. I believe they took a wrong turn on purpose.

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