The science fiction movie “Star Trek” is about a rebellious young man

The science fiction movie “Star Trek” is about a rebellious young man, James T. Kirk, who wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps of becoming the new captain. His father was the captain of the USS Enterprise and saved millions of people from being killed when looking for the ambassador. At the same time on Vulcan, Spock is being tormented by bullies who are making him feel guilty because his father was a traitor and fell in love with a women that was half human. Spock and Kirk both meet when Kirk tries to pass the Kobayashi Maru test which he does, but is later accused of cheating by Spock because he was the one who created the test. After this stunt, Kirk cannot aboard the ship and cannot participate in any ship related activities. However, his doctor friend comes up with a plan to get him on the ship and injects him, making him have an allergic reaction with his hands, and thus having to go on the ship for medical issues. Once he is on the ship, he regains consciousness and runs into the main control room and tells the captain that Nero is going to attack if they do not move where they are at, which ironically at the same time, the ship gets a video call from the evil Nero stating that he would like to have a word with the captain and to come alone. The captain then gets captured, and it is up to James, Spock, and their team to rescue the former captain and to save the earth from being destroyed.
In A Very Short Introduction Film by Michael Wood, the author argues the overall importance and impact film has on society and to an individual as a viewer to a film. The first claim he makes is that film making is more than “an art form”(Wood 52), and something more than a “variety of entertainment”(Wood 81). He also argues that the viewer has the most impact of deciding whether or not a film is going to be good or not and how they are a “large part of filmmaking itself”(Wood 48). These two claims demonstrate how the movie “Star Trek”, falls into Michael Wood’s definition of film, being that a movie is just more than images and sound put together and that film is about meaning and the impact it has on society.
When we watch movies with a group of people, we tend to see the movie from a different perspective depending on the atmosphere. Watching a film or reading a novel in class is completely different than outside of class. When we are quietly watching a movie in a theatre for sheer pleasure, we are likely to be much more engaged and focused as opposed to what we would be when we are watching a movie in class for the purpose of an assignment. Viewers have the most impact to decide whether a film is going to be good or not because they are the ones who are buying the tickets, going to see the movie, and telling their friends about it. When we are motivated by our own desires, we tend focus on every little detail and have a better understanding and appreciation of why the film was created. As a viewer, we have the responsibility of learning that film is more than just an art form and a form of entertainment.
In an article review written by Jeff Saporito, the author claims that the reason viewers feel the way they do about a movie is influenced by the level of technology and the way the colors and lighting of the movie are represented. He argues that Star Trek has been around for over 50 years and states, “that the past television series look and feel very different from today’s television”(Saporito 1). This statement demonstrates that television shows from the past have had a different effect on people than they do today as a result of the many changes in technology that have evolved over time. We now have movies in color and sound, whereas in the 1960’s, we had black and white movies and barely any sound. With all of the technology advancements, we can create things that make films much more exciting and enjoyable to watch. At the end of the article, he finishes his argument by explaining that viewers are the deciding factors when determining if a film is good or not, and he states the importance that television series and films have on several generations of audiences, especially since audience members all bring their own unique thoughts and opinions.
In addition to film making, viewers have the strongest impact on whether or not a film is going to be successful. We all understand that we have our own personal likes and dislikes when it comes to selecting a movie to watch. However, we are usually less aware that things will greater influence how we migh see a movie. By watching the original television show of “Star Trek”, our standards are already pretty high, and considering the movie industry wants to turn this original television show into a sequel of movies, viewers will have even higher expectations. Not only do we now have greater technological advances to make the movie even more amazing, but we also have characters in the movie being played by actors we are familiar with and have seen in other movies. Some viewers are upset that the industry wants to take this amazing television series and turn it into a movie and have different actors playing different parts. It is always difficult to watch a remake of an original movie and realize immediately that several aspects of the movie have changed. Whether or not these changes are good or bad, everyone will experience a difference of opinion.
According to an online review by Box Office Buzzab, they claim that movies are more than just “mindless entertainment”(Buzzab 1). Their argument throughout the article is that people focus too much on the entertainment aspect of the movie and not the actual message the movie is trying to portray. They claim, “good movies-whether they’re fun or thought-provoking- encourage us to think, imagine, and dream”(Buzzab 1). This means that every movie has a purpose and they all share the same goal of wanting us to think differently when watching a movie and try to make us consider new ideas that we have not considered before. For example, “Star Trek” included characters that were from different cultures during a time when many of these cultures were experiencing prejudice. A film is something more than just 2 hours of images and sounds and actually includes text and meaning. There is a meaning to every movie because every movie is simply not the same, and we all take something different from each one. Movies enable us to learn more about ourselves each time we watch something. We discover what we like and dislike about people, and we learn from other characters’ mistakes of what to do and what not to do.
In conclusion, film is a simple, yet complex element of literature. It can teach us things that we may have never known about ourselves and teach us new things that we may like or dislike. Film plays a major role in our lives and continues to validate that each movie has its own purpose and meaning to everyone. Film also educates us and lets us explore more about the past, present, and the future. After watching “Star Trek” and reading Michael Wood’s novel, it is conclusive that the movie fits Wood’s definition of film because it gives viewers a way to feel connected and important to a movie and the movie industry.

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