The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard

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The Real Inspector Hound by Tom StoppardFor this unit, the play which we are studying is “The Real InspectorHound” written by Tom Stoppard, an English playwright famous for hisclever use of language and ironic political metaphors. Stoppard wasassociated theatre of the absurd, and often his play referred to themeaninglessness of the human condition. He combined the Englishtradition of the “comedy of manners” (a play that attacks the customsof the upper classes) with contemporary social concerns byconcentrating on the intricate and comical duplicities of everydayconversation within a wider, and often menacing, historicalperspective.

Stoppard focuses on having fun with different theatrical conventionssuch as the forth wall and seen on stage and what is not (the body).

The topic for our first assessed session was exposition, thestrategise, used were role play, Marking the moment in addition tostill image. The medium of the section was Language Gesture as well asAction.

Foremost we were position into four groups of four to select andrehearse what we felt was the superlative text on show, thisintroduced us to the two different kinds of exposition ;( Moon &Birdboot and Simon & Mrs Drudge). Our aim for this exercise was tounderstand the different uses of exposition; the very easy, flowing,subtle exposition of Moon and Birdboot compared to the ‘in your face’comic exposition of Mrs Drudge. To do this we first read through thetext in our for , this had already been read thought to us although itbecame clear we had little understanding of it, by acting the sceneswe were bringing them to life, Therefore increasing our understandingof the play.

We decided to create Moon and Birdboots scene in a very realistic wayto do this we used, gesture and action; their gestures were subtle andunobvious and their actions were very slow, we also made sure howeverthat they were realistic characters by hot seating, a method we alsoused for Simon and Mrs Drudge this was very useful as we did not know

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