The Real Big Brother: Orwell’s Influences to Write the Political Satire 1984

At a time when nothing seemed to be in order, George Orwell wrote a book about complete control over everything. The world was at war for the second time when Orwell wrote this book about a controlling country ruled by an evil man named Big Brother, and a man named Winston who fought against the corruption. Orwell changed the world with his work which put tragic events in perspective for people who were not directly affected by the struggles of war and violence. George Orwell, as a democratic socialist, used the Russian Revolution and World War II, his abuse in school, and his role as a soldier in the Spanish Civil War to write his dystopian novel 1984.George Orwell was influenced by the outcome of the Russian Revolution and World War II which caused him to fear a totalitarian government. Orwell grew up around the time of World War II. Out of fear, he was greatly influenced by the Nazis very much because he was afraid of them. They struck fear into the hearts of all of their opposition and were very dangerous. That left a lasting impression on Orwell as he was growing up and maturing as a writer. Nothing scared Orwell as much as the thought of a dominating form of government. He never wanted to live under those types of laws. He enjoyed the freedom of being independent and making his own decisions. In 1984, Big Brother was the feared ruler of Oceania and he controlled everything. He had a secret police force that only answered to him and they watched everyone at all times. He controlled every aspect of the country. The idea of a controlling ruler is similar to Hitler. Both men ruled with an iron fist and did anything they wanted to. A quote that was in the first chapter of 1984 directly relates to this topic, “War is Peace. Fre…

…ong with his governmental views of a democratic socialist to write the political satire 1984. Orwell will always be reminisced as a great writer, but he was more than just another author. He was a soldier who took a bullet fighting for what he believed was right. That passion was the backbone of many of his books. Orwell’s novel, 1984 was a moving book from the eyes of an oppressed man in a controlling country. Hopefully this world will never experience anything similar again.

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