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The next person who deserves to be on the cover of an American history textbook is Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was elected to the Second Continental Congress and was on the committee that helped draft the Declaration of Independence. Many of the contributions on the document are Franklins. In 1776, he signed the declaration and left for France as an ambassador. Franklin was well liked by the French. He helped win the government of France to America’s side during the Revolutionary War. This resulted in the signing of a treaty of alliance between the two countries. His actions in France lead him to be regarded as America’s greatest diplomat. Franklin is also remembered for his many inventions. This includes the lighting rod, which is a metal rod attached to a house. This rod is attached to wire that leads down the house to the ground. If a house is struck by lightning, the electricity is safely dispersed into the ground. This prevented many fires. By the time Franklin died at age eighty-four, he had made hundreds of other inventions. Franklin believed in the public good and therefore never got a single patent for any of his inventions.

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