The inclusion criteria were as follows

The inclusion criteria were as follows: (1) X-ray stages II and III osteoarthritis according to
the criteria proposed by K-L;( 2) age between 50 – 65 years; (3) BMI equal to or less than 30;
(4) Knee pain lasted at least 6 months with intensity at least 3 on VAS scale in activities such
as going up and down stairs, sitting and squat; (5)no history of acute traumatic injuries;
(6) no history of previous surgery or injury in the knee and lower extremities;(7) lack of
neuromuscular disease;(8)normal mental state;(9) absence of bone implants;(10)no history
of new fractures; (11) lack of cancerous tumors and (12)no history of chronic disease and
any condition that affect the study. The Exclusion criteria were (1) unwillingness to
participate in the study; (2) uncompleted evaluation and (3) any damage to the knee joint
during the study.

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