The government’s concern is the poor health status of the South African people

The government’s concern is the poor health status of the South African people. With the spread of many diseases that have diminished the health status of the people, it is up to government to find solutions to curb the spread of diseases that are threatening the lives of the people, especially those who cannot afford private health care. The focus in this regard will be on African traditional healers and diviners in South Africa. This category includes diviners (Sangoma), herbalists (inyanga), traditional birth attendants and traditional surgeons (Wreford, 2007). The law defines traditional health practice as; The performance of a function, activity, process or service based on a traditional philosophy that includes the utilization of traditional medicine or traditional practice and which has its object-1.) The maintenance or restoration of physical or mental health or function 2.) The diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a physical or mental illness 3.) The rehabilitation of a person to enable that person to resume normal functioning within the family or community or 4.) The physical or mental preparation of an individual for puberty, adulthood, pregnancy, childbirth and death 5.) But it excludes the professional activities of a person practicing any of the professions contemplated in the Pharmacy, the Health Professions, the Nursing, the Dental Technicians Acts, and any other activity not base on traditional philosophy (The Republic of South Africa, THPA Act, 2007).An African traditional medical practitioner or healer is defined as someone who is recognized by the community in which she/he lives as competent to provide health care by using animal or mineral substances and other certain methods based on the social, cultural and religious backgrounds as well as prevailing knowledge, attitudes and beliefs regarding physical mental and social wellbeing and the causation of disease in the community( traditional healer is called through a dream by his/her ancestors. They show him/her a place where they must go in order to be trained

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