The individual or family is treated unequally

The disparity in law enforcement displays that women cover only 13 percent of the police force. Women in law enforcement are often inexplicitly begrudged by their male counterparts and many face harassments. Women also come across glass ceiling and are powerless to rise to supervisory positions regardless of their accomplishments. Women don’t even attempt to grasp for positions due to fear of oppression from male coworkers.
National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives mentor women into executive positions and help chaperon new female officers to grasp the opportunity to achieve these leadership roles. The discrimination of women in law enforcement face today may not be as life-threatening as it was due to law enforcement executives working to address gender discrimination and end the discrimination that pervades the profession.
“Housing discrimination is discrimination is which an individual or family is treated unequally when trying to buy, rent, lease, sell or finance a home based on certain characteristics, such as race, class, sex, religion, national origin, and familial status. This type of discrimination can lead to housing and spatial inequality and racial segregation which, in turn, can exacerbate wealth disparities between certain groups. In the united states, housing discrimination began after the abolition of slavery as part of a federally sponsored law, but has since been made illegal; however, studies show that housing discrimination still exists”. (Tennessee Employment Law Center. (2010).
New York had a controversial “Poor Doors” entrance for lower income tenants that mandated them to use a separate entrance to the building they lived in with other higher income tenants. In 2009 a loophole in the inclusionary housing program that allowed developers to get subsidies if they provided affordable housing either on or off site. But once it became known to the public, a new provision was adding to make it mandatory that all affordable unites hall share the same common entrance and common areas as market rate units. Currently no developer can receive any taxpayer dollars for any program that will further segregates tenants.
Unfortunately, the new provision does not apply to any construction before June 15, 2015. So, what that tells me is that there are buildings today in 2018 that has a separate entrance for lower income tenants. People are being discriminated against right now and it is still allowed and there is nothing to be done except to move out, which if the area is good and the rent is low most people will stay and put up with the discrimination in order to have affordable housing.
In conclusion, you can see from my three topic Employment, Justice and Housing are all different it their own way but all deals with discrimination of some form.

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