The diction

The diction, John F. Kennedy uses in his story, The Immigrant Contribution are; Formal, Sophisticated, Scientific, and Concrete. Some of the scenes in his story include tone. The facts and different ideas that take place in this story is immigrant contribution, the idea that all immigrants are American History. Most Americans have been immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. Each immigrant has made an important contribution to America. The 42 million people that came to the United States after the Declaration of Independence, us Americans have to conclude our history and if our world would then have been much different if they had stayed in their own country. A variety of people came to the United States looking for the hope for personal freedom and the hope for economic opportunity. The American economy has benefited from every contribution of immigrants. Most immigrants made important contributions, both industrial and scientific. Kennedy then talks about the “melting pot,” which symbolizes the process of blending many strains into a single nationality. Immigration is by definition a gesture of faith in social mobility. Immigration had also, provided the human resources.

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