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The Boxer Rebellion was an uprising from an organized group of angry Chinese rebels who were against U.S. influence in their country. The Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists disliked the missionary activity and heavy foreign influence that Americans attempted to impress upon the Chinese and as a result they rose up and attacked missionary compounds. The U.S. intervened, backed up by the Eight-Nation Alliance. U.S. involvement was necessary because the Boxers were a threat to both Chinese Christians and U.S. missionaries. One of the other reasons for American intervention was that Americans wanted to show their supremacy over China and appear powerful in front of other nations. U.S. involvement would also keep control of the Philippines and allow the U.S. to have a strong presence in the East. On the other hand, U.S. involvement in the Boxer Rebellion was a problem because there were already Americans in China who were taking advantage of China for its resources and influencing its culture. The Chinese were introduced to new cultures, traditions, products, and religion that altered their original lives and influenced their culture. From my perspective, China had the right to defend their country and protect their culture from being violated. The rebels felt that the cultural identity of China was being tainted by American influence. At the same time, I understand where the United States was coming from in that they wanted to assert their dominance and superiority in order to set an example for other nations.

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