The The authors believe that watching violent

The article reports on the effects of media on the subconscious. More than a thousand Turkish residents were involved in the study, they were aged between ten years and sixty years old. The authors believe that watching violent and sex riddled shows will lead to violent or sex riddled dreams.
The evidence shows that the more individuals watched sexual and violent media, the more they to experienced sexual-related and violent dreams respectively. The authors concluded that the media use does have an impact on the memory and it affects our dreams. If we want nice dreams, we need to be mindful of our viewing content and media exposure (Van den Bulck, Çetin, Terzi, & Bushman, 2016).
Main Points
When we dream we are taking and processing our memories of the day so if a person watches a lot of sexual or violent movies or shows it will affect their dreams. Dreams are the recent events that the memory recalls from the daily activities of an individual. The type of media we watch has an affect on what we dream about and whether it is scary or fun (VAN DEN BULCK, Çetin, Terzi, & Bushman, 2016).
Potential differences between Turkish and USA
The results of the study would drastically differ if the study was done in the U.S.A. This is due to the differences in the media censorship between Turkey and the U.S.A. The U.S.A allows for almost nudity and allows for more violence with lower ratings than Turkey does.
In Turkey, they are stricter with their media censorship rules than the U.S.A. Turkey controls what is said in their media. The reporters can even get jail time for reporting negative stories of their leadership.
Factors that could influence learning, conditioning, and behaviors
Everyone is different, and stimuli can affect people differently. stimulus, stress, anxiety can influence learning, conditioning, and behaviors. Some people might be more sensitive to the violence they are exposed to through media where others will not be affected at all, some people might be troubled by violent or sexual dreams, this might also influence learning, conditioning, and behaviors (Van den Bulck et al., 2016).
External behaviors
How dreams affect us
Dreams can affect how we interact with the waking world. Dreams are a part of our subconscious mind transferring our short-term memory in to our long-term memory (Van den Bulck et al., 2016). So, if a child or young adult is exposed to a lot of violent or sexual media they might be affected and start acting out in a violent or sexual nature (Wade & Tavris, n.d).
How this article relates to the course
This article supports information on the textbook when a person is conditioned to accept that certain behavers are ok then they no longer notice the behaver (Wade & Tavris, n.d). When a vast number of people watch violent or sexual media they become desensitized to the behaver and are more likely to imitate it.

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