The ad is about whose are cruel damage to animals

The ad is about whose are cruel damage to animals. So that, the ad is appear to our life. The target audience for the ad is for the people to be aware of the animal’s rights and be also concern about the animals that are trap and trying to escape from the poor environment because our ecology is getting worse than before. We know that the animals died is because of us human killing them to get some benefits and the environment are harmful to them, so we must start to be aware of our environments with our daily trivia. Such as, when we are throwing out the rubbish, plastic, polystyrene to anywhere. This may cause the animals to eat them and suffocate them. Besides that, when we are doing any legal action like felled trees and land digging without government approval that will break the law at sometimes will cause the destruction of ecology. In my point of view, these are the assumptions the writers of the ad made about the target audience. Now days, the mother of the earth are facing a lot of water pollution, air pollution, sound pollution and any others pollution is because of humans action . If we regardless of the animals like endangered extinction animals or not endangered extinction animals, the species of the amount will becoming less and less until the species are truly extinction. The ad designed to appeal to the target audience by the expression on the seal’s face, the seal is surely being squished to death by the hands of the clock. Therefore, this means that every minutes we human are actually harming the ecosystem with our selfish acts. And by that, we can actually contribute to save the animals. Animals are being killed by the poor environments and the treatments from the humans ourselves. The colour really prominent is red. The red blood that is dripping down the face of the clock. Now we can understand that the seal is suffocating every time the clock is ticking. The main colours applied on the ad are dark black and grey. These colours portrayed an unhappy felling, the colours makes people think about frightening and discomforting. The ad’s interests is awake the ideas of protecting animals and let people to have the sense of awareness to protect the animals and also aware of maintaining the environment. Hopefully human can be kindly treat to animals like people treat to others people standing in animal position thinking. The messages show in the ad “Every 60 second a species died out. Each minute counts. Each donation help”. This advertisement uses pathos and ethos, dark colours and persuasive text in order to affect the viewer .The author used this text because they wanted viewers to understand that there is a big concern about the animals in our ecosystem that must be aware by humans. “Every 60 second a species dies out”, the quote here means every minute we are harming these animals without us humans being aware of it. The acts of us human somehow has pollute this planet every single day and these animals are actually the one that are suffocating with their habitat being destroyed. On my analysis, audience will come to their sense and think further before they act something that will harm the environments. My thoughts is to let the people realize that we can be kindly treat to animals and try to protect them by our own ways. I think this ads is effective. The way this writer using the ad to tell the people. To let the people knows the planet’s environment given the people some awareness and let the people recognize their responsibility protect all the animals for the stability of our ecosystem.

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