Text 1 is an extract from the novel

Text 1 is an extract from the novel, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, that was published in 1961. The extract recounts the part of Miss Brodie’s (a Teacher) recent return from a Holiday in Italy.
The author Muriel Spark, employs the use of stylistic features, such as the use of dialogue and tone to develop an idea about some teacher, (such as Miss Brodie’s) unconventional ways of teaching. Spark’s use of dialogue within the extract exposes teachers in a bitter manner, for example, when Miss Brodie asked her students to open up their history books to lately begin the lesson, she simply stated to, “keep your books propped up in case we have further ‘intruders’.” This connotes the apathetic attitude of some teachers towards their jobs as educators, providing an idea that some teachers fail to put effort and or enthusiast in their chosen profession. By employing the use of dialogue, the author is able to put forward an unpleasant representation of teachers in society during 1961. Similarly, Spark’s use of tone within the extract juxtaposes the type of teacher Miss Brodie is to the classic representation of a 1960s teacher. Having previous knowledge of the 1960s, teachers were known to be strict and firmly stands to their morals as teachers. The use of tone such as when Miss Brodie recounts for her visit in Italy, she stated “I shall tell you more about Italy.” This expresses a tone of excitement and eagerness of telling more about her experiences in italy, rather than educating her students. This connotes an idea that some teachers gets off topic and waste valuable lesson time, telling irrelevant stories that doesn’t aid students grades. Within the extract, Muriel have used stylistic features such as dialogue and tone to put forward a bitter representation of some teachers.

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