Strengths improvements in the health care system because

Strengths The strengths of study also incorporate the steps to reinforce the addition of reliable evidence into practice. These steps lead to better comprehension of the process for the nurse looking to improve quality care. Study includes responses and motives that signify needed for changes throughout the process. This fosters changes to be made throughout the process without a requirement to start anew. Research problem The research problem for this study is the assessment in Finding the best way to improve suicide risk identification. The purpose was to evaluate nurses’ attitudes toward suicidal behavior and knowledge of a suicide risk assessment. Weakness Weakness of this study also includes the inability to integrate best practice into a health care system that does not offer sufficient assistance. This becomes a problem for nurses who identify the necessity for change, but cannot introduce improvements in the health care system because of administrative barricades. Another weakness includes that the study does not state financial matters involved in the change development including additional training hours, staff hours, and administrative costs that may be an issue in the application of a new care plan.

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