SS-FIM all transaction in database are processed, the

SS-FIM 22improve the Apriori3 algorithm problems. SS-FIM algorithm apply single scan database and the number of produced itemsets. SS-FIM will find frequent itemsets by applying single scan process of transactional database.
SS-FIM generates all possible candidates itemsets from each transaction and save them in hash table to store information about their frequency number in database(support), when algorithm reads new transaction it will generate new candidates from this transaction and compare the new itemsets with which in hash table if they already exist in hash table the frequency number will be incremented.If the new itemsets isn’t in hash table, then a new entry will be entered and the frequency counter will be initiated to one. At last when the all transaction in database are processed, the support of each itemset will be compared to the minimum support to define which itemsets will be considered as frequent itemsets as illustrated in fig1.

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