Sociology the “nursing” term because “nursing encompasses autonomous

Sociology and nursing are terms that are tightly connected with each other because nursing is a healthcare profession which focused more in assisting patients, helping their families and other communities in order to help them in recovering optimal health and functioning whereas sociology is the study of a human social behaviour and how people should live in it. It is also a social science which uses various types of methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to develop a body of knowledge about human social actions, structure and functions.
First of all, it is necessary for us to define the “nursing” term because “nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care for individuals in all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all setting” which is according to Kim and Kollak (2006). “Nursing also includes the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and the care of illness, disable and dying people. Advocacy promotion of safe environment, research, participating in shaping health policy and in patient, and health systems management, and educations are also key nursing roles.” We can learn that the essence from a nursing profession is not just to help and care the patients only when they are ill but when they are healthy and also need some help.
Nurses should have basic sociology knowledge no matter where he/she are so that she can learn and understand then human nature society and social institution. And it can actually help he/she to become a successful nurse, when he/she knows him/her surrounding well and can learn how to deal people individually and in group. Nurses is also the first person who deal with the patient when comes to emergency. If he/she has the knowledge of sociology, he/she can actually help when comes to dealing with her patients who are usually under stress or shock. And he/she will do prompt decision and tackling them.
Before that, I would like to say, providing a patient needs is what a nurse should do at all time. Trained nurse can help patients who are irritated during illness psychologically and help them to get over and recovery from illness. A nurse who has knowledge about rituals and customs of different peoples can easier handle patients who are superstitious have to take medicines and they believe more in doctors .
Next, I would like to quote Earle and Denny’s (2005) words that nurses in their nursing practice should know that basic problems of modern sociology are a survival of humanity and updating of civilization, its raising on more higher stage of development. Sociology searches the decision of problems not only at global level but also at the level of social communities, concrete social institutes and associations, social conduct of individual. As our country biggest drawbacks is illiteracy. A nurse can educate people about clean less, balance diet and also guide mother and child health and vaccination. The knowledge of sociology can help nurse in a number of ways that also help in improving in society.

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