Social media was used to promote and assist with the wild fires in Northern Central California

Social media was used to promote and assist with the wild fires in Northern Central California. The fires have burned nearly 200 square miles and more than 75,000 people were evacuated and displaced. Volunteers have created and donated aid through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Victims of the wild fire have the ability to use safety check-ins on Facebook to donate, volunteer and verify information. The American Red Cross were seeking volunteers to assist with evacuating citizens in the area, and Airbnb were offering free rooms to the displaced victims. Go fund me also became involved to support the cause by raising money to provide food for workers and residents. Veterinarian companies were waiving fees for people whose animals died as a result of the fires.
We use social media every day to check on our friends, family, acquaintances, celebrities and worldwide news around the world. Social media is a powerful tool to use to promote a cause and save lives. Because of the wild fires that occurred on the west coast, social media has designated Public Information Officers on site to be responsible for posting pictures, video and putting out status updates and tweets. This would bring together knowledge from different parts of the United States.
During the devastating wild fires, residents, lawyers, and insurance agencies contacted their federal, state and city politicians. Residents discovered that during the fire, they were underinsured and renters won’t be able to rebuild. They all came together to file a petition to demand action and justice for the victims. Their goals were to have the insurance agencies help the victims with the insurance recovery and ask law makers to reduce property liability damages.

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