Smartphones time is iOS not the android

Smartphones have become the hottest topic in this generation. iPhones and Android phones are known as the market’s famous smartphones brands. We can see that everyone has a smart phone in their hand, not only because they are useful, but they also provide the users with their abilities. So, what are the differences between the two? By software, costs, and hardware you will learn some differences between iPhone and Android phones.
The iPhone is known as the most powerful personal smartphones in the world and it has been sold for over two hundred and sixteen millions devices, while Android phone was sold for approximately one point two hundred forty four billion units. iOS program and applications are more secured than Android program and applications because it is not openly for everyone to download. Meanwhile, Android applications are less secured compared to iOS applications because Android applications are openly allow everyone to download from every part of the world. The most powerful security that protect your device all the time is iOS not the android device, which always get hack and not properly work sometime. The iOS programs are strictly use only for the apple company products such as iPhones iPod iWatch iMac and more with the high quality brand name accessories as well while the android phones are normally use with cheaper to the cheapest cost products.
The second different is costs of iPhones and Android phones. For the development country they desire the high quality product like iPhones than the android phone however the cost is too high because it is chic and well designed while the android phones are cheap and easy to find in the developing country, and most people can afford to buy it. Moreover, the cots of iPhones are more stable in the world’s market s while android phone can last for only a short period of time.
Another significant different is about hardware. iPhones are very careful with how their hardware work and its look. Even though iPhone may sometimes have hardware problems, but they have generally higher quality. Furthermore, most iPhone models look slim and classic, which can make the users feel confident and high-class, while Android phones are large in size and features. But the best part of android phone is that it provides the water-resistant system that everyone needs.
To sum it all up, although iPhones and android phones are different in cost, software, and appearances, both are still the best smartphones brand in the world. If you want to have the latest and best versions of smartphones, you might prefer iPhones but if you want the best choice, you might prefer Android phones. It is all depend on your needs and preferences, iPhones or Android phones.

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