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Should English be the official language in the united Kurdistan?Yes, it should be the official language in the united Kurdistan for the following reasonsIt is one of the most spoken language around the worldOur children will learn English language perfectlyKurdish people can communicate with all most every one around the worldIt is one of the languages that most of the scientific books are written with Kurdish people can understand more about the scientific booksThey will have more scientific information It will be easier for them to read and research online since most of websites are English English is the Business and Finance Language nowadays the global economy is more consolidated than everthe common language which is used is English to make the flow of information as easy as possible.Kurdish people can participate more in stock marketing English is the Language of Travelyou can travel any where and communicate with people without any difficulties more travelers will visit Kurdistan since they will not have difficulties in communication tooName: Hozak Hawre LateefCode: F160057

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