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My toy, is a toy car that bounces and also drives forward and in

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reverse. It is called “Hop-Along-Impala”. I built it by taking a toy car that I

owned, which already hopped in front and back by using a series of toothed

gears connected to a motor. Then I went and bought another motor so I

could make the car go forward and hop and go in reverse and not hop. I first

took a pair of wire cutters and cut off a piece of plastic attached to the rear

wheels so it would disable them from bouncing. Then I took a hot glue gun

and glued the piece of plastic, that I previously cut off, on so that the wheels

would remain level. Then I glued the motor that I attached to the other

motor and glued it close to the tire so that it would make contact so that the

wheel would turn.

When I push the button on the remote up the car moves forward

because when I push it, it completes a circuit so electrons can flow, thus

sending power to the motors in the car. That is how power gets from the

batteries to the motors in the car. But how does a battery work? A battery

has a negative electrode and a positive electrode. An electrolyte paste

separates the two electrodes and causes a chemical reaction between them.

This reaction causes a current to flow and electrons move through a

conductor that connects the positive and negative electrodes.

When the power get to the motors, they convert the electrical energy

into mechanical energy. Inside the motors a current is passed through the

armature and a torque is made by a magnetic reaction, and the armature

spins. The action of the commutator and the connections of the field coils of

motors are the same as those used for generators. The revolution of the

armature induces a voltage in the armature windings. This induced voltage

is opposite in direction to the outside voltage applied to the armature, and

thus is called back voltage or counter electromotive force.

When the car is bounced up onto the air, it falls down because of

gravity. Gravity is the force that everything on earth possesses and it tends

to draw objects closer to one another. Gravity is one of the four fundamental

forces of nature. Unlike electromagnetism, gravity doesn’t have repulsive

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