The structure of Ribosomal RNA is based around the fact that it formed by a singl helix, however in this type of RNA it is folded into a variety of shapes depending on the size of the rRNA. Within ribosomes there are two types of subunits, the large one is known as 60s and the small unit is called 40S. The formation of the rRNA in the large subunit has an estimate of 5000 nucleotides whereas, there are only 1800 nucleotides in the small one. Moreover, the function ribosomal RNA is during the process of translation, this is where it evaluates and ensures the order of the sequence in the amino acid is correct.
tRNA is another type of RNA, but unlike rRNA it contains a much smaller amount of nucleotides, only having between 75 and 95. Its structure is made up of a helix that has one strand and it has a ‘clover like’ shape due to it being folded up. Also, because it is a type of RNA it has C, G, A and U as the organic bases that are held together by hydrogen bonds.
The function tRNA mainly contributes to the process of protein synthesis during translation. This is due to the fact that its shape allows an amino acids to link to it which joins to the start codon.

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