Road policies or programmes, in any area

Road safety is a shared responsibility and requires a well-orchestrated and sustained contribution
from many sectors. A coherent holistic and integrated approach is therefore needed, taking into
account synergies with other policy goals. Road safety policies both at county and national level
should be integrated into relevant objectives of other public policies and vice versa.
Road safety mainstreaming is the process of assessing and integrating road safety in any planned
action, including legislation, policies or programmes, in any area and at all levels in government
including ministries, State department and agencies. It is a strategy for making road safety an
integral part of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes
in all political, economic and societal spheres, so that the multi-sectorial nature of road safety
interventions is sustainably promoted at all levels within and outside government.
A useful tool towards reaching this goal is the experience of integrating HIV/ADS into all policy areas
within Government in Kenya. Useful synergies can be created and achieved and certain objectives
can be met through integrating safety into other areas, in line with the generally accepted and
recommended principle of safe system approach which has used successfully at global level to
address road safety challenges.
Other areas which have been mainstreamed to a larger extend within the government sector are
gender mainstreaming, Disability, Environmental protection, Sexual violence and lately security and
workplace safety.
Mainstreaming requires that attention is given to road safety perspectives as an integral part of all
activities across all programmes. This involves making road safety a consideration in all policy
development, research, advocacy, development, implementation and monitoring of norms and
standards, and planning, implementation and monitoring of projects and programmes in both
National and County governments.
The development and implementation of the road safety mainstreaming framework is subject to
approval of the subject matter the by the cabinet. A cabinet Memorandum is to appraise the Cabinet
to justify and propose mechanism for mainstreaming of road safety in Ministries, State Departments
and Agencies has been drafted by NTSA and shared with the MoTI.

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