Reading affects many aspects of life

Reading affects many aspects of life: it promotes cognitive function, which helps ward off diseases like Alzheimer’s, enhances knowledge of different topics and reduces stress and anxiety. Reading books and quality magazine articles introduces readers to new situations, concepts and scenarios. Aside from producing personal benefits, reading regularly expands vocabulary, which translates to career success as employers favor well-read and articulate candidatesHuman brains, as with human bodies, need daily stimulation and exercise. People engage in sports to exercise muscles, tendons and ligaments and read to exercise their minds. Keeping minds engaged produces mental health benefits by reducing risk of developing mental conditions like schizophrenia. Reading provides a reprieve for many people; diving into a good book allows readers to take minds off of personal problems and transforms feelings such as anger and resentment to happiness. People learn new languages, virtually explore new cultures, and question previously-held thoughts and concepts by reading books too. Reading also strengthens abilities to concentrate and focus. Even reading for 15-20 minutes daily, such as before or after work, improves abilities to focus. People develop better writing skills by reading, too. They identify unique writing styles and voices embodied by favorite authors, and emulate those writing styles.

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