Psychologist Erick Erickson

Psychologist Erick Erickson, in his ego psychology, proposes eight psycho-social developmental stages in which humans are not only determined by the unconscious mind but also by the social environment in which they live. According to him, the ego of an individual seeks autonomy through acquiring competence to face the crisis in every developmental stages and thus overcomes the determination of the unconscious mind. Having knowledge of this theory, Sengol becomes aware of the crises of his developmental stages in his social-environmental context and develops his competence to face such crises in his life though it demands certain sacrifice and tolerance of pain. Earlier he used to run away from responsibilities fearing the pain involved but now the reshaping of his identity in the light of Christian faith and in the light of teachings of the Gospel helps him achieve the ego autonomy. Since he converts the social environment of the globalised context into the environment based on the teachings of Christian faith, this process of his ego autonomy further helps him understand the mystery behind the joy of the evangelisation amidst pains. He happily begins to engage in the selfless service for humanity. He is also able to realise the communion with God and hence able to communicate that joy to others.

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