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Project Name Construction Project Management Version 1.0 Prepared by JOSE MAYE ESONO EYENGA Construction option Date 13/08/2018 Reason The reason for updating the document is due to the Project Management Assignment schedule EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This technical assignment will provide information for the Equatorial Guinea new National University campus. This announces will contain information on the project schedule, building system, cost, customer information system, and staff organisation. The Equatorial Guinea new national university campus will be a 320,430 St. Peter square nearby the national high school. These trends will facility to accommodate around to 500 students in grades 6 to 7 and 400 in grade 8 though 9. The farcicality is sciences, IT, and economics this new component will allow students to learn in a practical and theory routine. This essential allow for some design of classroom and some sciences experiment. A considerable significance in technology in new national university campus is also very in attendance. Lecturer will be use the new electronic board technology and all students will used the New Universitys facilities freely to improve their skill for a good career achievement. The New National University will be commence with a wide rand in leaving certificate when student complete the high school schedule and this program is leading by the Equatorial guinea education department office. The national education department office and some member of the organisation will assist to collaborate in dealing with the critical path points. Therefore, the University campus will also contain a swimming pool grey system that will be use to avoid the contamination then the water will be conserve. A new system will be implemented and that will be used to saver and filter other run-off water. Besides to the high quality tech lecture, the New National University of Equatorial Guinea can also includes other competition such as tennis court, Golf court, baseball centre, football field, gymnastic basketball high jump areas, etc. The facilities form part of the New National University campus project whereas will be controlled by the national education department office and take responsibility to former those individual. Those former facility around the National University campus they can also use the faculty when is possible, this is the first national university campus back home. The first national university campus of Equatorial Guinea is scheduled to be open for the 2020-2021 academic years. The basement will be design on three ways and that depend on the lane location and the structure of the building. As the picture will show soon the new national university campus of Equatorial Guinea designed as a shape of a board outside. The building structured consist in four plants two on the leaf side and two on the right, with a circumference in the middle. The circumference or the centre section is the connection of the four plants mentioned above therefore, this will definitely take the first basement structure. However, the last two basements will be the latest to evoke the connection of the four plants that will be connected with arc. According to the design, the building will be standing up in five sections the cylindrical, the correspondent four plants both with same structure. For instance, the cylindrical section will involve all the electrical installation. The cylindrical or the centre section of the building will be headquartering for all Equatorial Guinea national university campus communication. By selecting the schedule process, the national university campus will have a tendency of company that is known as China Dalliance. Moreover, if the company is already move out to starting its work this will led to achieve growth in this project. The company may assume all the building installation, such as electrical, IT and telecommunication. The finish late and the start late may be scheduled in the method by starting in main gate, this meant that in the cylindrical location, working in the both side. In overall, the new national university campus of Equatorial Guinea will scheduled to take at least 561 days the structure project is scheduled to take at least 168 days. The land is scheduled around 130 days, the contraction plans is 144 days, the superstructure may take about 120 days then the finish time line is 143 days. For great closeout may includes the verification in some point this will appointed by the supervisory of national education department member. The final accomplishment would expected to be delivery on January 15, 2021 se the picture below. PROJECT PORPUE Type text Page PAGE MERGEFORMAT 4 BBd PMEA HJQ e 4 Gyg2MIP8,PTqfxII1J63PqF 2y( IQU08Vh [email protected] C34
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