Poor management skills carry long-lasting effects and may infect an entire organization

Poor management skills carry long-lasting effects and may infect an entire organization. The results of toxic, misguided leadership reach far and wide.
59 state that the relationship between managers and employee’s decision to staying a job. Research shows that supervisors and managers have an important impact on employee turnover, The length of time that employee stay in an organization is largely determined by the relationship between employees and their managers. 60. Employees value certain factors about managers.
Considering the relationship with managers, one common problem that causes employees to leave organization is a lack of recognition. If employees are not recognized for accomplishments or are only criticized for their mistake, they will not be motivated to work. Therefore, managers should keep in mind that communicating effectively and openly with employees is a necessary skill in order to avoid this problem. Through the communication, employees not only can receive constructive feedback or advice, but a manager also actively provide clear explanation on improving weaknesses while also praising for employee’s strengths and accomplishments. As the way of showing appreciation, email, a small gift, or extra day off after something difficult project or work completes are something special that managers can take into consideration for the purpose of increasing recognition. The most important thing is to create an encouraging, positive work environment. When employees feel respected, acknowledged, and motivated, they are more likely to stay. This method must be taken because this is free.
In addition to the fact that a lack of recognition is likely to cause employee turnover, it is fairly likely that employees will not stay in their jobs due to the lack of support from managers (Mobley, 1977). Lack of support from managers also decreases workers’ ability to cope with their stressful jobs and increases the likelihood that they will leave their jobs 84.
One of the examples for this is that employees is dealing with difficult or challenging tasks however manager is not supportive as if a manager doesn’t show an interest in their job. They cannot perform their job or accomplish their goals without manager’s help. If manager rarely supports them to complete the tasks successfully, they cannot perform well in their assigned responsibilities. In fact, employees will not progress without the information, perspective, experience, and support of manager. It would be a responsibility of managers to take care genuinely about their concerns and provide them with effective supports. Hence, it is vital for an organization to train managers in order to improve their soft management skills, especially communication and leadership
Great managers have the skill to motivate employees and build great relationships with them by knowing their employees and treating them fairly. Effective leaders who use good management skills positively contribute to an organization in various ways, like reducing turnover, improving morale and encouraging employees to be more productive.

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