Personal Career Reflection Report Recreational Therapists Psychology Essay

I was finding my career through the O*NET Online and I followed the Holland Code to find the job that I think it is most suitable for me and I think I can learn a lot of skills that I never learnt in my daily life and also from the university. The career that I have chosen from the O*NET Online is the recreational therapists. I think recreational therapists are one of the jobs that full of challenges and I believe I will learn a lot of other skills via taking care of the patients. In addition, I think the requirement for being a recreational therapist, we need to be patience and kind to people. According to what I know, most of the jobs that have been provided to recreational therapists are work in the hospitals and nursing homes. However, as recreational therapists, they can find their job from institutions fields as well.

The job scope of the recreational therapists is to observe, analyze and record patients’ participation, reactions, and progress during treatment sessions. (O*NET, 2010) Furthermore, the recreational therapists also need to plan, direct or coordinate medically-approved recreation program for patients. (O*NET) They need to organize some activities, such as, sports, trips, animals, dramatics, dance, singing, doing crafts and arts, and social activities. (O*NET) Held those activities is to help the patients to integrate with the community and to prevent other psychological disorders. (O*NET) Moreover, through those activities, it can help the therapists to assess a patient condition and give some advices to the patients to do appropriate recreational activity. (O*NET)

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The therapists may also need to discuss with the treatment team’s member to plan and evaluate therapy program. (O*NET, 2010) On the other hand, recreational therapists have to provide treatments or recreational activities to the patients with illnesses or have the difficult conditions to improve or maintain physical, mental and emotional well-being. (O*NET) They help the patients to recover the basic motor systems, build their confident and socialize more effectively. (O*NET) The recreation therapists also help the patients to reduce the stress, anxiety and depression through the therapy and activities. Besides that, the therapists need to develop the treatment plan to meet the needs of patient, based on the needs assessment, the interests of patient and the purpose of therapy. (O*NET) Reports and charts of the patients have to submit to the treatment team to reflect the reactions of the patients and show the result of the treatment is progress or regression. (O*NET)

On the other hand, therapists need to get the information of the patients from medical records, medical staff and family members and the patients themselves to evaluate the capabilities, needs and interests of patients. Therapists may also need to counsel and encourage the patients to develop leisure activities in their leisure time. (O*NET, 2010) Furthermore, the requirement to apply recreational therapists is it needs a four-year bachelor’s degree and has the skills of active listening, speaking, service orientation, social perceptiveness, coordination, critical thinking and complex problem solving. (O*NET) In addition, need to have several years of work-related experience, job training, and/or vocational training are the requirements of recreational therapists. (O*NET)


RIASEC code is the code that proposed by John Holland. He proposed the six basic personality types to understand one’s career preferences. According to the Holland’s code, R stands for Realistic traits. A person who has this trait is the one who loves to work with animals, tools and also machines and they have good skills of working with living organisms, tools and machines. (Jones, 2011) They like to work with the things that can be see and touch. (Jones) However, this type of people dislikes social activities, such as teaching, and communicates with others. (Jones) Moreover, I stands for Investigative traits. The person who has Investigative traits is the person who is good in understanding on mathematics and science. They like to study and solve problems on math and science, while they will try to avoid persuading, selling and leading people. (Jones) They are more precise, scientific, intellectual, curious, reserved and passive. (Jones)

On the other hand, the A in RIASEC code is stands for Artistic traits. The person who has artistic traits is more creative, original, expressible, disorderly, idealistic, and emotional. They like to do creative jobs, such as drama, crafts, dance, music and graphic design, whereas, they will try to avoids the job that is highly formal, and also repeated work. (Jones, 2011) They express themselves through words, action, and activities, such as drama, works of creative writers, music, and art. Their characters are more independent, original, and expressive. The S stands for Social traits based on the RIASEC code. Who has social traits is the person who loves social life, and they are more friendly, helpful, generous, and kind to others. In addition, they like to help or work with people, such as teaching, nursing, and also provide first aid. They dislike doing the work by using machines, tools, living organism and achieving goal. They are good in teaching, counseling and also solving social problems. Social traits are the opposite of realistic traits.

In addition, E refers to Enterprising traits in RIASEC code. Enterprising traits’ people enjoy leading and persuading others. They are avoiding the jobs that require careful observation, scientific and analytic thinking. (Jones, 2011) Their characteristics are ambitious, self-confident, sociable, optimistic, extrovert, energetic, hot-tempered, and talkative. (Jones) In addition, they are more preferred to be sales manager, politician, economist, judge, and lawyer. C stands for Conventional traits based on RIASEC code. Who has conventional traits prefer to work with numbers, systems and orderly way. They generally will avoid ambitious and unstructured activities. They are well-organized, efficient, accurate and good at following a set plan. They are more success in business and the occupation that suit them are accountant, investment analyst and computer operator.

My first three highest personality traits through doing the RIASEC code are ASI and these traits are corresponding to my career that I had choose. My Artistic traits is the highest compare to others traits. It means that I can find the jobs that related to words, actions, and also activities through creative and idealistic. Besides, my second highest traits are social traits. I can find the jobs related to services, such as psychologist, counselor, social worker, and human resource manager. The third highest traits that I found by doing the RIASEC code is Investigate traits. The occupations that suitable for Investigate traits include doctor, surgeon, pharmacist, psychiatrist, nutritionist and translator. The interesting part of recreational therapists is that it needs to think of the activities to give treatment to the patients. In addition, the recreational therapists need to be a good listener and this make me feel interest and I am interesting on listen others talking. Besides that, assisting and caring for others also interested me. This is because I like to help others who need help from me.

Realistic, enterprising, and conventional traits are those traits that I have to develop interest to ensure a better fit with my career. I need to try to work with the machines, tools and also need to be stable and self-controlled. Furthermore, I also need to be more self-confident, energetic and talkative. If I improve these weaknesses, it can help me to be more confident to talk to the patients. Confident is one of the important requirements when we want to become a recreational therapist. Moreover, work within a system is one of the areas that I have to develop interest to ensure a better fit with my career because I need to documenting and recording information by using computer or hand writing. Such as entering, transcribing, recording, storing or maintaining information in written or electronic form. I have to improve those skills to ensure a better fit of my career.


According to Leonard Personality Inventory, there have 5 types of “Bird” types. It is openness swan, neutral dove, analytical owl, rational peacock, and decisive eagle. In Leonard Personality Inventory test, my highest personality bird type is openness swan. The person who is openness swan personality is more impulsion. They will make the decisions and actions in impulsive. Swan personality is that they like to be different. For example, they dislike wearing clothes same with others and they will try to find the job that is more special and less people will do it. In addition, they like to work in individual more than work in teams or groups. They prefer flexible works more than rigidity works and they are more creative and original. This is because they love freedom and seek for fun when they are doing work. In addition, swan prefers personal informal and not structured workplace, such as, office work, key in data, and teaching. On the other hand, they are easier to be bored when they do something. This is because they are more impulsive on taking actions and decisions and this causes them will easy get bored when doing things. Moreover, they have good innovation skills and they provide novelty in approaching situation. For example, when asking swan people do an architectural composition or draw their dream homes, they will draw a incredible home, whereas, the design of their homes will still logic and original.

Most of the openness swan personality has fit my personality and my job. The creative and original is the personality that fit my job. This is because the recreational therapists’ job scope is to think the creative activities to the patient. In addition, recreational therapists also need to provide the novelty in approaching situation. They not only need to think of creative activities, they also need to give novelty ideas to their team or group members, so their group mates or team mates can also be more creative or can think out of the box. While, there are some of the personality do not fit my job. For example, the job that I was chosen need me to be work in group or tem and also observe, analyze, and records the patients’ participation and reaction during the treatment session or documenting data.

However, the weakness of an openness swan is that they do not like to work in groups or teams and they always like to be different. This can be a problem if I do not improve the weaknesses. As an openness swan, they will found that they easily get bored, whereas, the easily get bored is not suit to be recreational therapists I think I can try to find the interest or funs of the job through the creative activities or provide novelty in approaching situation and documenting data to prevent the problem of easy get bored.

I think that some of my personality has tended to the analytical owl personality. This is because the second highest personality that I got is the analytical owl. Make cautious actions and decisions, and likes to organize and structure are the personality that can be found from me. I think some of the personality in analytical owl is important and it can be apply to the job of recreational therapists. In addition, the personality that I have is that asking a lot of questions about specific details. This personality can help me become more satisfy in my job, because recreational therapists not only have to observe, they also need to ask the patients questions as appropriate. The Leonard Personality Inventory test helps me to know what are my strength and also my weaknesses and from those strength and weaknesses, I can try to improve or prevent it.


Everyone has the skills to reach the requirement of a job that he/she is applied. Whereas, some of the skills that we posses are not really useful and related to our job that we applied. Sometimes, people will find a job that is applied to their skills. Therefore, they will become relatively easy when they do the job. The skills that I posses is calculating, communicating, consulting, correcting, counseling, debating, guiding, leading, persuading, protecting, teaching and travelling. However, the job that I applied is recreational therapist. The skills that the job needed is active listening, speaking, service orientation, social perceptiveness, coordination, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and instructing skills. (O*NET, 2010)

I have most of the skills that the job required. The required skills of this job are active listening and speaking, such as, the therapists need to give full attention to what other people saying, taking time to understand the points being made, and asking questions in an appropriate time, and try to convey information effectively through talking to other people. (O*NET, 2010) The counseling is the skills that will know how to ask questions in an appropriate time and also counseling people who is facing problems. Whereas, the communicating skill is the skill that it is more socialize, and brave to talk to stranger. I know how to communicate with others that I do not know and also the person who is introverted. Both of the skills that I have are the skills that have been required in the job.

Moreover, actively orientation is also considered as the skill of counseling. This is because service orientation is that they are actively seeking for ways to help people who need help. For example, they will find the ways through giving therapy or activities to help those people to recover or to ease their illness. Furthermore, the skills of the job needed are social perceptiveness and critical thinking. The skill of social perceptiveness is needed in become recreational therapists because they must be aware of others’ actions and understanding the reaction that they do. The skill of coordination has been needed because the therapists have to adjust the actions in related to others’ actions.

Besides that, critical thinking is an important skill that required in the job. Recreational therapists need to use the logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. (O*NET, 2010) Recreational therapists need to have the reading comprehension skill as well, because most of their work is related to the documents, which need them to understand the written sentences and paragraphs. (O*NET) I do not have those skills that related to critical thinking and also reading comprehension. Thus, I can improve my skills that I do not have when I am working as recreational therapist.

In addition, I have the teaching skills that fit the required of the job. Recreational therapists need to teach other people how to do something, such as when playing a game, the therapists need to explain and teaching the patients how to play the game. This instructing skill is needed when applying this job. Some of my skills can fit the requirement of the job, while, I still do not have a lots of skills that is required by the job. I do not have the critical thinking skill, so I need to learn the skill from senior colleagues and also learn it in daily life. On the other hand, I also need to improve my comprehension skill, such as try to read more English books to improve my comprehension or ask for advice from colleagues. Although I have the skills of communicating and counseling, I still need to improve it. This is because I am still a freshman, I do not have enough experience of it. I need to improve it to become more expert on communicating and counseling. After I improved those skills, I can handle my work or job easier.


In my own opinion, I think the most important values in my life are education, freedom, independence, national security, and integrity. I think education is the most important values in my life because if you do not have a certificate in this social, you are difficult to find a job or alive. In this new era, everyone will see your certificate and the level of your certificate, after that, they will only decide is that worth to hire you. In addition, freedom is one of the important values for me because I prefer to work in flexible time rather than work for long hours in the office. I think prefer to work in flexible time because I can use the leisure time to relax and I will not easy get bored of my job.

On the other hand, I think independence is the important values of my life. I think everyone have to be independent because parents and friends will not always besides us. Therefore, to be independent is important for us and also let our parents and friends not to worry us. Moreover, I think independent is important because when we are facing any problems in our life, we will get well soon. The one of the important values in my life is national security. I think national security is important to me and everyone. The national security gives us safety place to stay or live. If the national is not secure, all of us will live in a difficult country and the criminal cases will always happen in our surrounding. Integrity is the value that is important in my life. A person who is integrity will respect by others and their characters will be nobler compare to other people who do not have the values of integrity.

Flexibility, friendship with colleagues, independence, prestige, and personal growth are those work values that I think it is the most important for me. In doing job, I think flexibility of the job is important for me. This is because the more flexible of the job, the higher efficiency that I can get the job done. Besides, I think the friendship with colleagues is the important values to work. Human cannot get work done by themselves, they always need other people or friends to help up. Therefore, the friendship with colleagues is important especially you are working in an office. We must built good friendship with the colleagues to prevent unnecessary misunderstanding or conflicts.

As a leader in a group, he or she needs to have the prestige. If he or she does not have the prestige, his or her group members will not respect or follow his or her command. A person who has prestige will get work done with high efficiency and easy. This is the work values that cannot be indispensable for a leader. In addition, I think personal growth is important to work values because we cannot imprudent to make a decision. Job or work is not the playground for us to simply make decision, all of the decision that we make will affect others. We need to be more mature to make a decision.

The values that I can fulfill in my chosen career are education, independence, national security, and prestige. I must get a bachelor’s degree to fit the basic requirement of this job. Therefore, I need to have the education and learn something that can apply to my job from my degree. On the other hand, independence is the values that can fulfill in my chosen career because some of the work that I need to done by myself. Therefore, I need to be independent and do not rely on others to help me. Moreover, national security is important values to fulfill the career that I chosen because the safety the country, the people in the country will not always worry about their safety problems. This is to build a person’s confident to the country and the patients will not worry about these problems. I think the therapists must have prestige to build the confident of patients. The therapists can be easier to integrate with the patients.

The freedom and flexibility are the values that cannot be fulfill in my career. I think freedom cannot be fulfill in my career because most of the time, I am working in the work place. It is difficult to get freedom through doing this kind of job. Thus, I can still find the interesting part of the job to prevent me to get bored. Besides, I think be a recreational therapist is not flexible in time and work. This is because we must do our job done before the time, and sometimes we will need to work overtime in special cases. I think be a recreational therapist does not have flexible work because we need to recording and documentary information in to computer. In addition, I am okay with this kind of job even though I cannot really get freedom and flexibility. I think I will learn a lot of new things by doing this job. I think teamwork is the value that I need to develop to perform better at my job. This is because recreational therapists not only need to do individual work, they will also need to discuss the information or new activities with other people. Therefore, I think the teamwork is the value that I should develop to perform better at the job.

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