Patience in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

Benjamin Franklin said it best “He that can have patience can have what he will.” In the novel The Great Gatsby we were introduced to Jay Gatsby, a young man who always fought for what he wanted. Gatsby was a wealthy young man who hosted extravagant parties with the hope that the girl he loves, Daisy Buchanan, will attend one. He would do anything to gain the social status he thought was necessary to win Daisy’s love. Gatsby’s judgment is clouded by the thought of being with Daisy Buchanan. He’s do anything, at any cost. Daisy was the only thing that mattered to him. Majority of Jay Gatsby’s adult life has been dedicated to fulfilling one of the most outlandish dreams- reliving the past. With patience, determination, secrecy and wealth Jay Gatsby was successful in winning Daisy heart, though it ended in tragedy for him.

Gatsby patiently waited five years to be Daisy again. He understood the importance of time management and anticipation. Gatsby would endure so much to be with Daisy because wanted to experience her love again more than he wanted anything else. Although there was no guaranteed “enticement”, Gatsby never lost hope but instead long-sufferingly trudged forward (Myers). He would wait an eternity, never losing sight of his goal just to get Daisy to fall in love with him once more no matter the consequences.Jay Gatsby was determined to be with Daisy Buchanan again. It was apparent that he was madly in love with her. Throwing extravagant parties and hoping to find her in attendance was just one of the ways Gatsby tried to lure his love back into his arms. Gatsby would do just about anything to get what he wanted, his own friend described him as “quick and extravagantly ambitious” (Fitzgerald 101). Though Daisy never show…

…s drive him to be patient, determined, secretive, and careless with his wealth. He truly was a “great” man, as title suggest, stating from nothing but through hope and inspiration from his one true love he creates a “promising future” for himself (Myer). While at first the traits Gatsby posses may seem in some ways beneficial, they prove themselves to be just the opposite as this story progressed. One reason proving that these qualities were detrimental was the fact that Jay Gatsby possessed and used the qualities for all the wrong reasons. The main reason being that Gatsby did everything for Daisy was one of his greatest assets and sweetest downfalls. Furthermore, Gatsby allowed these traits to consume him and cause him to make poor mistakes, thus leading to his tragic death. And although that is true, his unbending love for her ruined him even before his death.

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