even if it is stressful

Parental separation, even if it is stressful, may eventually benefit both the child and parents, depending on the family circumstances. The many influences on the child and family include parental stability, social supports, and the child’s age, temperament and resiliency.The most dramatic impact of divorce rate is on the children. Firstly, children from families that experience a divorce and remarriage are more likely to drop out of school, get into trouble with the law, abuse drugs or alcohol, and exhibit emotional distress compared to children who grow up with both biological parents. Children of divorced parents are found that almost half of the children expressed long term stress and insecurity that adversely affected their work and social relationships. The child may lose time with each parent. Parents must adjust to their own losses as well as to their new role as a divorced parent. Thus, parents may not have as much emotional strength and time to invest in parenting. Although laws are gradually changing, most children spend more time with one custodial parent and obviously have less time with each parent overall. For most children, this means much less time spent with their fathers. The child may also spend less time with their mother as she may need to work longer hours to support the family.

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