Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia Psychology Essay

Most people are not aware that there is such a thing as panic disorder with agoraphobia. Believe it or not, panic disorder plagues more than 5 million people across the globe. The root cause is stress. In the modern world we live in today, stress is the flag carrier of anxiety, so to speak. When anxiety goes unchecked and awry, as it goes out of control, this would bring about panic attacks.

Not everyone who is suffering from panic attacks realize that if their persistent condition and frequent reoccurrences go out of hand, this could develop into a phobia. You could simply put it as a panic disorder with agoraphobia. This is actually an anxiety disorder, in which the fear of being in places where escape is impossible and help is nowhere to be found when panic attacks occur. It all comes down to the fear of being alone that triggers agoraphobia.

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To spell it out for you, panic disorder with agoraphobia is that intensive involuntary fear which periodically occur in specific places or situation where the individual sufferer would do or result to just about anything in order to get out of it. The anticipation anxiety is far more serious than being actually in the perceived terrifying place or predicament. This experience is implanted in the brain by the very first episode you had.

It created an imprint in your subconscious mind while you got imprisoned in the anxiety thought loop. Could you picture in your head what it would do to you? Visualize what could happen when the experience is coupled with an onset of panic attacks.

Horrific! Yes, it is horrible and you must be aware of the fear that you are under. You must accept your feelings, your fears and your problem. Once you do, you can begin to validate the experience and come to realize you are still alive. It feels like dying and seems desperately a hopeless situation you are in. Yet, there you are still coping and gasping for breath. Relax. Take a few slow deep breath and clear your mind. Erase those negative vibes in your head and think of happy thoughts. Easy now, you are feeling at ease and now you begin to make your move.

Slowly walk the path and gradually increase your pace. You start seeing pictures, a movie in your mind and faintly you smile. Again, you have survived a terrifying ordeal of panic disorder with agoraphobia.

You are fine. Of course you are. You have been with your doctor a couple of hours ago and you just got a clean bill of health. Now you pose the question, “what happened out there, what was it?” and you provide the right answer that it was just one of those unexpected episodes of panic attacks. Before you know it, you have accepted your behavioral condition, an anxiety disorder in the guise of a panic disorder with agoraphobia. You have succeeded in freeing yourself of the anxiety thought loop. You have broken loose and you are on the road to recovery. Do not wipe that silly grin on your face. Laugh! You must openly express this new found emotion against fear. You are home free.

Survival Methods for Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia (rw-1)

Believe it or not, you could live through the experience of panic disorder with agoraphobia. You can be your normal self again. There are time- tested and proven survival methods for panic disorder with agoraphobia leading towards the permanent cure. If others could survive the ordeal, there is no reason why you cannot.

You have got to know what you are dealing with. Panic disorder with agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder. It is that fear in places with an overwhelming dread of confinement and the individual believes that there is no possible escape which leads to panic attacks. This feeling that you encounter is periodic and involuntarily occurs in series of episodes. Once you fall under this extreme situation, you will do everything in your power to remedy the dire circumstance you are in.

It is the anticipation anxiety that brings about the panic disorder with agoraphobia. It is far more brutal and relentless than the actual “no way out” predicament. Fear is your defense mechanism. It could be converted into an effective tool or weapon to overcome the feeling of desperation. Its conversion will lead you to the survival methods for panic disorder with agoraphobia and realize the cure.

Most survivors have found that the most effective method in overcoming panic disorder with agoraphobia is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. This is the very technique drawned out from traditional psychology to turn your fear into a lethal tool against your anxiety disorder.

Here are the survival methods for panic disorder with agoraphobia:

Consult your doctor and rearm yourself by eating the right food and reinforce your body with Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Be physically fit through proper exercise and fitness program

Have the right number of hours needed for proper sleep and relaxation

Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine

Laughter and humor, you can never have enough of it

Apply CBT

To further elaborate on the last method which is the most effective approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the essential technique used to recognize and understand your condition leading to acceptance of your behavior. Constant talking eventually defines your problem, understanding it and realizing where it is coming from and how it all began. CBT harnesses your fear and make it work to your advantage.

The survival methods for panic disorder with agoraphobia will instantly work for you once you have spotted where it is coming from. You can begin to learn how to confront your fear and regain control of the situation. You have established limits by learning from the first ever episode buried in your mind.

Know that you survived it and you can live through it again. Rid yourself of the negative thoughts applying an internal cognitive shifting technique of emotions. You do not have to fear another episode of panic disorder with agoraphobia. Take a number of deep breathes slowly attaining normal respiration. You release calm by engaging your mind to any positive activity. You have altered your line of thought and the confidence is charging up inside you. You have survived and you are cured.

A Revelation: Panic disorder with agoraphobia (rw-2)

In today’s modern world, people are living in a fast lane and you are one of them. Your day to day existence is plagued with troubles and problems beset you that you fear to face the outside world. You are experiencing a panic disorder with agoraphobia, you are stressed and you refuse to accept it.

Somehow, the root cause of your anxiety is stress. Trying to cope up or compete with people around you in the workplace or just anywhere is stressful and could make your adrenalin surge. This would then lead you to having anxiety or panic attacks.

When an anxiety disorder goes off hand and is left untreated this will develop into a phobia. Time will come that you will have the fear to go out and meet people because you feel threatened that somebody out there is going to do you harm. You are scared to be in open spaces that sometimes you even tend to hide under the table or inside the closet when this attack happens. You are overwhelmed and you simply cannot accept that you have an anxiety disorder or a panic disorder with agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia is an abnormal and unexplained fear of open spaces. It is the fear of being alone in a public place and the feeling of insecurity that when something happens out there, nobody is around to offer help. Likewise, the gripping terror and apprehension of an incoming threat develops anxiety causing one to panic and feel helpless. The tendency for the sufferer then is to never leave home.

Closing your doors to humankind is an alarming situation and a cause of concern. You are caught in an anxiety loop and you just have to fight back this dreaded panic disorder with agoraphobia before it goes out of control. It is frightening but do not succumb to the fears because the terror is within you. Condition your mind that you can overcome all these circumstances that cause you to shrink and shy away from the crowd.

As in most anxiety disorders, the crux of the matter when speaking of cure is geared toward the individual sufferer himself. You must realize that it is only you who can heal and alleviate the suffering. Face whatever it is that caused the anxiety and combat it by slowly exposing yourself to the situation. Shun away from negative thoughts and reflect on happy notions and ideas instead. With this right attitude the road leading towards eliminating the panic disorder with agoraphobia within you will split open to set you free.

The panic disorder with agoraphobia could be contained by you and your therapist with the application of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The procedure is aimed to eliminate fear especially that particular fear interred in your subconscious. It alters your line of thought. It promotes courage and self-confidence. CBT is programmed to instill in your mind the Cognitive Thought Shifting and is set in place to be instantly activated when an anxiety preys on you at anytime. The key to your redemption is you. Have no fear because you are a survivor.

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