One God and the importance of a person.

One day, there was a baby who was born in the world. She was given a life and now living with the beautiful creature that God made. It was December 29, 2001 when the day her mother gave birth to her and it is also the day she choose to celebrate every year. She is thankful to God for the opportunity for giving her a life, to be part and to see the beauty of the world. She is just a simple girl who wants to make her family proud. Her name is Chenee and right now she wants her story to be told.
It was year 2002-2013, her early childhood, late childhood and school age stages. These are one of the years were her parents taught her how to walk, drink, write, play, mingle with others, also teach her the values of God and the importance of a person. The years where she first stumble and fall from the ground. And also the year when she finally made her childhood friends in her neighbour, it was year 2006 when she’s already 5 years old that time. These stages were also one of the highlight to her life. She experience a happy childhood memories that time when there was no famous games that played through the internet nowadays. She reminisce how happy she were that time, when her childhood friends called her at 6am in the morning just to play outside and by 6pm they were still not finish playing outside. Sometimes her mother scold her for that because she forgot to eat her meal especially when its noon time. Those were her simple joys back then when she was just a child. The year 2007, when she first entered kindergarten, this is how she knows little by little the importance of education throughout her life and also this is the time that it was hard for her to be away from her mother. She always cry to her mom because she’s not yet ready to go to school and that happenings ended when she entered in grade school. When she entered her first elementary year that is the time when she learned to be independent like going to school alone and also went home alone. And when 2013 comes, it was the year when she graduated in her elementary journey at Timber City Academy. It was year 2014 when her first year of being a junior high, it is one of the tough year for her, when she had to face one of her greatest fear which is rejection by someone or by a new friends. That was the time when the three of the most important values that her parents had taught her throughout her life came into use. Her parents wants her to be generous, kind, forgiving, honest, responsible, patient and a loving person especially to other people. Sometimes she acts like one but other times don’t, but she will always try to be a better person every day. When she was in a ninth grade, she somehow become more responsible that she should act at her own age that time. The time when she stand at her own problem especially the tough and hard ones. It was the year 2017, when the one of her most happiest moment in her life, when she finish her junior high journey.
And fast forward to her present year, she is now a young girl that is hoping and praying to become a successful person in the future, to achieve her dreams and to be able to make her family especially her parents proud. She just hopes that she can handle every obstacles that she encounter throughout her life. And this is the story of Chenee, wishing to have a productive and a fruitful journey this time.

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