New need of different location. Second, segment

New product
Product name: Dea Audentes
Color: Black, blazer blue, white, peach
• crosshatched leather with matching trim
• bookstripe printed on poly twill lining
• style # pxrx8101
• 10.0″hx13.0″wx6.50″d
• drop length: 4″ handle
The rose symbolism expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings. The new product of Kate spade provides is outstanding in many social events. At the same time the design is one of the most favorites use the materials by many fashion enthusiast. The tassel aims to bring back a classic timeless look that Kate spade has upheld in all its handbag designs and most of the female like this tassel to decoration.
Target market
This refers to a three type variable to identify market segment is geographical, demographic and psychographic. Geographical variable is divide the market by location such as countries, cities, towns and design the product that can satisfy the consumer need of different location. Second, segment is demographic variable are feature of population such age, income, gender, occupation and social class. The psychographic variable are depend of the consumer psychographic such as lifestyle, opinions, interests and attitudes. Kate spade target market are female and ages 29 to 55, or a certain income bracket. Furthermore, the consumer work that have a stable income such as lawyers, physicians, managers,

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