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By using modern aircraft, they used the airship to transport passengers, cargo and air reconnaissance and also had an interest in wars of ancient times. In this report will describe the airship in general, and its types, and discuss problems and gives some solutions.

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Early pioneers
The first airships were French inventions consisting only of manned balloons with manual propulsion devices. A French officer named Meusnier imagined in 1783 an airship that used the construction of the hot – air balloon but could be navigated. In 1784 he designed an airship with an elongated hull, propellers and oars, similar to today ‘s Blimp. Although he documented his idea with extensive drawings, Meusnier ‘s airship was never built. In 1852 another Frenchman, an engineer named Henri Giffard, built then the first practical airship. Filled with hydrogen gas. Although the Giffard airship reached a jump, it could not be fully controlled. The first successfully navigated airship, La France, was built in 1884 by two other Frenchmen, Renard and Krebs. La France was powered by an electrically powered 9 hp propeller and was under the control of its pilots.

Early airships
1.2.1- The Zeppelin
The Zeppelin transform a rigid craft, proposing associate extended, thin, hard-cleaned expand brimful with element gas. a bit team and person stalls were suspended beneath and there have been 2 15-torque motors, which means the carrier ought to fly 25 miles in accordance with associate hour. Airships are for the foremost half utilized for picturesque person flights are fruitful in light-weight of their pace and potential to convey overwhelming plenty.

1.2.2- The Goodyear blimps.

1925 saw the most trip of the inventor Pilgrim, a 110-foot-long, 45-foot-high helium craft. The Pilgrim was burning by a 80-torque motor and was the smallest carrier on the world, equipped for transference two travelers and in addition the pilot and technician. The inventor was far-famed for extravagance delight travels however later used by the US Navy and armed forces for observation. Today, various people recognize inventor aircrafts as business dirigibles.

2.1- Structure
Airships are classified according to their construction which are rigid, semi-rigid and non-rigid.

2.2- Combustion gas
The gas used is inert helium—that is that the least reactive detail and so might not burn, explode or do one thing tons besides confirm that fires or different kinds of response stop straightaway.” The Zeppelins of recent, however, are crammed with element, that’s a lot of bigger reactive.

2.3- Propulsion and control
Using thrusters on the bow and stern of an airship to manipulate  the direction, mindset, and orientation of such an airship is defined. The thruster utilizes an electric powered motor or a gasoline turbine for energy. in the electric powered motor embodiment, the motor utilizes two contra-rotating rotors which each force a separate and contra-rotating propeller to generate the controlling jet of air. Thrusters are arranged in pairs on the top, backside, and each side of the bow and stern of the airship. Lifting thrusters directed downwardly and located above the longitudinal volume of the hull are supplied to enhance the static lift functionality of the airship whilst under heavy load.

3.1-Passenger airships
Presently, passenger airships are used specifically for sightseeing or novelty journeys, however as researchers at Lincoln have discovered, there may be capacity (and a developing demand) for It is a type of travel by air, especially with modern development . but the memories of the Hindenburg catastrophe still stay for plenty, and airships would possibly need a totally sturdy marketing and PR strategy to persuade people to board.

3.2- Thermal airships
They may be in particular used for advertising, but as a minimum one has been utilized in rainforests for natural world observation, as they may be effortlessly transported to faraway regions.

4.1- Airships are very slow
Airships are ease back contrasted with different types of transportation accessible. In the event that you need to send something efficiently a holder ship or cargo train is more practical, and on the off chance that you will pay aircraft sorts of cash a plane will get it there in a small amount of the time.

4.1.2- Solution
The Goodyear Zeppelin is the most extreme re-building of the airship yet. The new airships hit the best speed of 73 mph (117 km/h), which is an enhancement for the 50 mph (80 km/h) that the GZ-20 overseas. As per Goodyear, this expansion in speed will enable the carrier to go to occasions a lot more remote from its command post.

4.2- Operating in bad weather
The ship is more at risk. Deteriorating weather winds can place huge traces on its shape. Keeping off requires regular attention from ground them, which isn’t with out its dangers. The airship is capable of swinging unpredictable, around the mast, causing harm to each person in the way.

4.2.1- Solution
Nowadays, there are major advancements that correspondingly reduce horrendous climate as an inconvenience for carriers. Advances in climate following age and the enhancement of additional viable vectoring impetus structures consolidate to enable carriers to keep away from nasty atmosphere out and out or have the capacity to encounter out the tempest. Advances in flight instrumentation, auxiliary design methods, and fabric qualities can likewise serve to correspondingly enhance the durability of any bleeding edge resolute aircraft.

In conclusion, the airship has advantages but more disadvantages than it has led to its reluctance to use. I think the airship is very expensive as fuel and energy prices rise. One of my recommendations is to develop the aerodynamic vessel to be more useful in terms of use and consumption.

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