ModMeters IT and business simultaneously. make decisions have

ModMeters Department heads and the IT manager needs to come together more frequently to discuss IT planning and budgeting. ModMeters focus should be on having an enterprise infrastructure that focuses on the IT and business simultaneously. make decisions have to come together and decide what part of this IT project is going to take more time and which projects that will need long term planning, this will help them narrow down where the funding comes from. “In order to ensure that each different type of IT is appropriately funded, many companies are allocating predetermined percentages of their IT budget to different types of projects,” (McKeen & Smith, 2012, p. 20). ModMeters need to set up account managers for their IT projects to ensure that the need and requirements are being met. Lastly, ModMeters should have a prioritization rubric. Their strong suit was not prioritization. If they would have used prioritization they would have a better idea of what needed to be completed fastest in order to support their organization’s goal of globalization

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