Modern environment that was appropriate for different

Modern civilization as we know today began as a group of worn out huts in the ancient region of a place called Mesopotamia. Flowing from mountains in modern world of Turkey, laid the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which created this environment that was appropriate for different types of settlement. Passing wandering groups of different types of people happened to stumble upon what was this productive land, but what really allowed a permanent civilization to begin was the start of the warm weathers sticking around.
Mesopotamia is a region that has a large amount of geography combined into just one area of land: “Civilizations first appeared in Mesopotamia (what is now Iraq) and later in Egypt. Civilizations thrived in the Indus Valley by about 2500 BCE, in China by about 1500 BCE and in Central America (what is now Mexico) by about 1200 BCE. Civilizations ultimately developed on every continent except Antarctica” (National Geographic Society 1). There are lots rivers, followed by valleys, mountains, flood plains, and deserts that are spread out all around the region. However, I noticed how the most important landmark of them seemed to be the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, because as I read, if it weren’t for their annual flood, ancient humans would have had major difficulty in surviving in the world which wouldn’t be a good thing for anyone.
Reading upon about the code of Hammurabi, it was like he came to power using his strengths as a military leader, conquering many other smaller city-states to create his “empire”. It was like Hammurabi believed that the gods appointed him to bring justice and order to his people, and he took this duty very seriously. And this got me thinking just how much he reminded me of the people in Mesopotamia and how they thought they were doing the gods a favor by basically just existing. And not long after his ascent to power, he created his Code, making it 282 laws written to define all relationships and aspects of life in the kingdom. The cool thing about these laws was that they were displayed in a public place so that all the people could have the opportunity to learn and study them. All of the laws applied to everyone, though request of the laws and punishment differed according to what is known as the people in the social class. The punishments for disobeying the laws were swift and harsh,which wasn’t surprising at all. But, what I can say is that I thought the form of the Code of Hammurabi was very expressive in the way that it was written.

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