Minimum wage is the lowest rate an employer can pay an employee

Minimum wage is the lowest rate an employer can pay an employee. Although the general purpose of minimum wage is to guarantee a livable wage to all worker who for a standard period of time. So, in theory any employee who works 40 hours a week on minimum wage should be at or above the level line. Minimum wage in Virginia is 7.25, I made eight an hour so how come when i work 40 hours my check is in the early 300’s. 300 dollars every week is not a livable wage in Virginia, 1200 a month isn’t a livable wage almost anywhere in the United States of America.
The minimum wage hasn’t kept up with the pace of the inflation in the U.S and the cost of living has increased, which is causing poverty level to also increase. I believe the government should raise the minimum but that’s only if they don’t lower the cost of living. If the cost of living was lowered there would be no need to raise the minimum wage. The U.S cost of living and minimum wage have a negative correlation, while the U.S cost of living and the poverty rate are positively correlated allowing both to increase at the same time. Also, I understand that raising minimum wage make it harder to hire employer and may increase their product prices but two to three dollars more an hour, is something I believe is possible for many corporations.

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