Mark about her sons. About how they were

Mark ended up in jail, hating Bryon and Bryon ended up wishing he could take it all back and hating himself. Still, their brothers but brothers don’t always stay together because people change along with their world. Although, I do remember when Ms. Douglas was talking about her sons. About how they were brothers and cared for each other. Even though I’m sure they still care about each other when I look at them now and I hear the stories and I don’t see brothers who once loved each other so much that they couldn’t even say it to one another. The brothers that helped each other and made each others childhood so that they weren’t fatherless or poor but free. I don’t see them anymore as brothers and I wonder why. Why do such terrible things happen to people? When people start to grow apart? Then I remember wise words I heard once. That was then and this is now.

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