Many things make me laugh so here are a list of those things

Many things make me laugh so here are a list of those things. Ismo Leikola by far is one of the top ten things or people to make me laugh. His jokes are just so outrageous to the point where I can’t breathe because of his humor. Watching his stand up events on YouTube is something I do on a rainy day to cheer myself up. When I first met Lenni Pitko i knew he was somewhat of a jokester. As the first month passed, I found myself laughing at things he would say or do. I appreciate it a lot because when I’m feeling bad or upset he’ll say anything to make me smile. When our group is having a bad day or someone gets hurt somehow Lenni says something that just makes everyone laugh. His humor is just one of the great features to him. Also my father is one of the people who makes me laugh the most. Every time we in a room together he is telling jokes and everyone’s having a good time.

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