Many celebrities’ private lives and uncover their

Many people believe that when someone becomes a celebrity they must to give up their right to privacy. This statement is completely incorrect. When a person becomes a celebrity that person does not want to give up their right to privacy, it is the star crazy fans that force reporters to dive into celebrities’ private lives and uncover their deepest darkest secrets, not because people care about the celebrity put because it is entertaining. Star crazy fans have forced many credible people to become shunned by society. Many people believe since celebrities are in the spotlight they have a right to know about his private life. I do not agree with this statement because I believe that a person has a right to a private life no matter what. The Bill of Rights implies that every person has a right to privacy. It never says that every person has a right to privacy except if you are a celebrity.
There are laws about taking pictures about normal everyday people. In some states you cannot take pictures or personal information of people without their permission, which does not seem to have any effect on the paparazzi. There are specific regulations that any photographer needs to follow when taking pictures of people. Celebrities deserve to be treated like any other person on the street, though for celebrity photographs it seems the paparazzi and press have put regulations aside. But celebrities don’t really consent to losing their privacy. That gives it a false sense of legitimacy. There’s no contract that says that in order to be famous one has to surrender privacy. Why should being harassed or gossiped about be considered a legitimate job requirement? The fact that some celebrities make a lot of money does not legitimize it either. Some argue that we learn from celebrity gossip — it presents us with a way to discuss issues such as addiction, dating, marriage, health, etc. But we don’t need celebrities to talk about these things. Why do we want to know about the personal lives of the people who read lines and make facial expressions on film? We don’t ask about the personal lives of pilots or doctors, yet knowing about their personal lives might be helpful in deciding if we want to board a plane or undergo a surgery.I think that the main reason for celebrity gossip is not any of these rationalizations. Gossip about celebrities is fun and enjoyable. People crave it like candy. Yes, it causes celebrities harm, but people love the gossip. People love the photos that paparazzi take.But just because people hunger for something doesn’t make it good or right. A key to being a civilized society is that people aren’t free to enjoy whatever they want when it can cause harm to others. That’s why we don’t have gladiator battles to the death even though they would certainly get good ratings.

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