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Many films around the world use objects to symbolize a deeper meaning. In the movie “Simon Birch” the armadillo and all three deers symbolized Simon and God’s will. In the movie “Simon Birch” the armadillo symbolizes Simon because just like Simon, the armadillo is small but has a hard shell which can endure a lot. This is equivalent to what Simon has since even though his whole town makes fun of him and laughs at him, his shell protects him, and he continues to put a smile on his face. Furthermore, the armadillo represents Simon because when Simon got in trouble for questioning why a continental breakfast had to do with god, he was forced to apologize or he couldn’t leave but he continued to endure everything being thrown at him because of his shell. Also, even after he grabbed Mardries breast at the performance, he didn’t care about how much worse the villagers thought about him since he had a shell around him just like an armadillo. In addition, when the bus crashed into the lake, Simon still didn’t panic or was afraid of dying, he had a shell that defended him and made him endure more than you would think. Moreover, when Simon killed Rebecca his shell was still very strong but it had cracked a bit since it was a little bit too much. Lastly, the armadillo symbolizes Simon because when he was underwater and continuing to try to get the last kid out he went past his limits, which ended up with him completely shattering his shell, killing him. The deer in the movie “Simon Birch”, symbolized God’s will because when Joe’s mother; Rebecca died, the deer was watching him just like god. The deer then later unexpectedly jumped in front of the bus causing it to crash which was a negative impact from God but God wanted this because he did it because he wanted to use Simon to inspire people around him, including his whole town and parents. At the very end, we see Joe swimming alone, where him and Simon uses to swim at. The Deer and he make eye contact which was telling Joe that everything is going to be alright. However, the Deer only applies to the movie because in real life the Deer symbolizes Grace, but in the movie, the Deer is always watching which shows God is watching over him. A movie similar to Simon Birch, is the film “A Prayer For Owen Meany”, as the producers of the film use the armadillo to symbolize endurance/Gods instruments. In the movie “A Prayer for Owen Meany”, Owen Meany takes the claws from a armadillo and arms from the Mary Magdalene Statue, and this shows that God has a plan for him in the film. In Simon Birch, we see all these symbols accept the Mary Magdalene statue, which is still similar and has the same meanings. Furthermore, the movie “A Prayer for Owen Meany”, is similar because the Armadillo nails show how powerful faith and determination is, just like how Simon demonstrates this with his own shell. In conclusion, there is no doubt that films around the world use objects to communicate a deeper meaning to the audience and the film Simon Birch uses this element, which is similar to the film “A Prayer for Owen Meany”

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