Loman Willy

Loman Willy, age 75, formerly lived in Brooklyn. He passed away on Friday the 17th July, 1948 at 1 am in Brooklyn in his backyard. The cause of his sudden death was an attempt of suicide caused due to his sufferance from mental collapse. He was a great salesman who travelled to Boston and New York to earn his living.
Willy Loman was born in 1873 in Houston, Texas to Jack and Claire Loman. His father was also a businessman who used to sell flutes. Unfortunately he was abandoned by his father at the age of three. He had an elder brother named Ben Loman who fled from the business arena to the African jungles and got rich at a young age from the diamonds he found. This was the reason Willy admired him a lot. Willy attended the University of Brooklyn in 1893 and there fell in love with a young maiden, Linda whom soon he got married to in 1901. Later he worked for Howard as a road salesman where he travelled to Boston and New York. He rented a house in Brooklyn and settled down there with his family. He also owned a red Chevrolet which he often called it as ‘Chevy’.
He was a great father of two boys namely Biff Loman and Happy Loman .He loved his sons so much that once in 1935 he sold his diamond watch given by Ben for Biff’s radio correspondence course. He always wished for his sons to become great businessmen and to earn a lot of money and to become rich like his brother Ben. He emphasized on the fact that anyone who is good-looking should achieve success. He firmly believed that luck is more important than hard work and instilled those values in his sons. Another amazing thing about Willy was that he had a great connection with nature. He often felt that the buildings around him were blocking the fresh air and also he couldn’t see the stars in the sky during the night due to them. He was very passionate about planting different seeds in his backyard, but sadly he didn’t accomplish much. He believed that the city environment such as the newly built buildings, highways and trains were overpowering the nature
Unfortunately, during the last few days of his life, Willy had a hard time copping with his personal and financial life. Willy had lost his job and wasn’t able to pay his own bills and house rents. Sometimes his neighbor Charley would provide him a helping hand. Willy was also su

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