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As economy experiences an upsurge, there is an increased diversity in sales jobs. Sales jobs are no longer those instantly recognizable jobs in sales with targets setting and bonuses. There are many jobs which are an ever growing element of sales. Increasingly, no sales job is also becoming sales centric. Jobs in sales definitely require one to brush up their sales skills not only because of the corporate culture these days but also due to growing requirement to prove oneself each day in the job. Now, the concept of ‘jobs for life’ is diminishing and with that so is the concept of salary pensions. Jobs in sales can be tough but usually are accompanied with huge rewards. Before one starts a job in sales, he needs to be sure he understands the company terms and conditions on the sales job in terms of targets and commissions.

There are various types of sale jobs- Direct sales, Indirect sales, Business to business sales, servicing sales jobs and IT sales jobs. Direct sale jobs refer to directly selling to private individuals. Products that are sold in this way are financial services (like credit cards, personal banking products, etc), home appliances and improvements or travel packages. Direct Sale jobs usually involve selling directly to homeowners. Sales representatives and sales executives carry out direct sales job which can comprise capital equipment sales or technical Sales. Indirect sales job refer to selling consumer goods and services to corporates which in turn sell them to individuals or other oragnizations. In a Business to Business job, sales involves selling products or sevices to different companies either directly approaching them or indirectly through other distributors. IT sales jobs have become very diverse in the last two decades.They fall into three main categories pre sales, sales and post sales support of hardware and software. Servicing sales jobs have also become an integral part of IT sales jobs.

In servicing job sales refers to selling services to customers or corporates. The services can be in area of transport, logistics or advertising or management consultancy. Services sales job are considered to be highly specialized as there is no physical products for customer to touch, feel or acknowledge. Fundamentally in a job, sales requires different skills sets and personality types. In any type of sales job, a person needs to have constant interaction with clients either face to face or through phone. A sales man needs to have a pleasing personality, be an extrovert and should have excellent communication skills. He needs to constantly identify opportunities for cross selling or up selling and be prepared for delivering presentations with confidence and articulation. A person armed with above mentioned personality traits and qualities is sure to succeed in any sales job.

Sales Representative Jobs

sales representative job -4

sales representative jobs-5

sales rep jobs-4

sales executive jobs-5

A sales representative job comprises of selling companies’ products or services to customers. Sales representative jobs can involve selling products or services like electronic equipment, home appliances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or vehicles.

Sales rep jobs involve selling to individuals, factories or companies. Technical sales representatives and sales engineers are some of the sales executive jobs. Selling industrial, high tech gear and components comprises other types of sales representative jobs. People in sales rep jobs usually work on targets and can earn huge salaries in form of commission if they manage to achieve their targets. Sales representative jobs involves working long hours usually. Sales rep jobs involves lot of driving to visit clients at their homes, offices or factories. They often demonstrate the product or leave catalogues with the customer at the customer meeting points. In sales rep jobs, people are required to keep records of the orders made, number of appointments or cash transactions in a day with a handheld device or company provided laptops.

They act as consultants between customers and companies in their sales executive jobs. Sales representative jobs involves being cautious and honest about the products that are popular with the customers as companies need this information to improve on their current products or services. For a person to excel in sales executive jobs, he should be brimming with confidence, ambition, persuasion skills and have extensive knowledge on companies products and competitors. He should be able to take refutation easily and move on networking extensively. There are no set qualifications besides having GCSE or equivalent qualified for a sales representative job. However, increasing number of candidates vying for sales executive jobs try to get higher qualifications by doing MBA specializing in sales or marketing. Many companies provide adequate training on their company’s products and services when an employee joins in a sales representative job. They also get an understanding on specific sales methods used in a sales representative job in their company. Fresh employees in sales representative jobs usually are expected to work alongside senior members of the team till they become familiar with company’s products and area where they need to work. Sales executive jobs are available in all sectors including working for manufacturing companies, wholesale distributors or in IT sector. Some sales representative jobs are freelance options. Progression possibilities for sales rep jobs include taking additional responsibilities in sales area and becoming sales manager, account manager or National Account Manager.

Sales and Marketing jobs

sales marketing job-3

sales marketing jobs-4

sales and marketing jobs-6

telesales jobs-4

There are many types of sales and marketing jobs available these days. Due to recession there was a slight fall in the number of job opportunities in sales marketing jobs. But with recession receding, sales and marketing jobs have also experienced a high. Sales and Marketing jobs can be classified into two categories- client side and Agency side. Client side sales and marketing jobs involve working as a part of the marketing department of a company. When people work in agency side sales and marketing jobs, they are basically working for a company specializing in Marketing. A person can look out for entry level positions in telesales jobs or Junior Account Executive. If you like talking on the phone, have the confidence to sell and possess the persistence to go on calling then telesales jobs are for you. Telesales jobs require one to be competitive to continuously meet targets and endure in aggressive environment. Telesales jobs involve making outbound calls to prospective customers, converting inbound calls into sales orders, exploiting opportunities from marketing campaigns and obtained databases as well as making general sales enquiries. Junior account executive in sales marketing job act as link between clients and the company and see to it that all deliverables are met on the agreed timelines.

When a person has gained relevant experience in the field, he can look out for a senior sales marketing job as an Account Director, Account Manager, Marketing Manager, MarCom Manager or Brand Manager. Sales and Marketing jobs basically requires a person to have qualities like interpersonal skills, customer service, organizational and communications skills.

Account Directors administer client relationships, delivers presentations to existing and prospective clients in their sales marketing jobs and also manage the account managers. Account Managers,in their sales marketing jobs, assist Account Director in creating strategies for achieving organizational plans for the financial year. They continuously work towards achieving targets by upselling and cross selling companies’ products and services.

Brand Managers, in their role, work towards creating strategies and marketing campaigns that can directly be applied to a product or service. They work in conjunction with sales Managers and production teams to create the best strategies for increase in product sales. MarCom Managers look after the marketing strategies and promotions, organize marketing events and conferences and supervise all marketing related communication in their sales marketing jobs. A Marketing Manager in his sales marketing job, is entrusted with directing and managing all actions in the marketing department.

Sales and Marketing jobs are a good career option as they are diverse and each one entails a different function, mind set and attributes to excel in it.

IT sales jobs

it sales jobs-4

software sales jobs-3

sales support jobs-5

technical sales jobs-3

Sales is an integral part of any business, especially IT. At the business level, IT sales jobs mean selling hardware and software systems. IT Sales jobs require personnel to continuously search for prospective clients who might benefit from the company’s software products and services. People in IT sales jobs need to have in depth understanding of all applications and services and markets, proactively understand client requirements and create demand for their company’s products. They need to have proven track record of consistently achieving high results in previous IT sales jobs. Software sales jobs require sales force to develop innovative methodology for selling. This is because Information Technology is an ever booming and ever growing sector. IT firms need to provide superiors applications and services in a highly competent environment. The development of these applications involves huge costs in researching and development. Unless these applications are sold at the best possible price, they have no value. This is achieved through employing best sales people in the industry in software sales jobs. Technical sales jobs entails combining technical know -how with sales skills. Based on the requirement of technical sales jobs, the work involves extensive technical knowledge to sell products and services and respond effectively to client queries. Clients usually are the technical staff of IT organizations.Technical sales jobs requires people to liase with clients and company’s technical staff on an ongoing basis so as to meet the client requirements and deliverables. People in Software sales jobs need to explain and also give presentations on highly complex concepts and procedures. Once a sale has been made, there is usually a requirement to provide after sales services to clients which are called sales support jobs.Sales support jobs require people to have sound technical knowledge on the application or service, troubleshooting skills and problem solving skills. Sales support jobs are usually customer facing hence excellent communication skills are the base for these jobs. Entry level sales support jobs usually require college graduates with little or no experience. However, a good way to progress in sales support jobs is by getting a higher degree in computer science accompanied with an MBA in marketing. Professionals with strong visual designs, technical expertise and a knack for numbers usually excel in IT sales jobs.

Medical and pharmaceutical sales jobs

medical device sales jobs-4

medical sales jobs-5

pharmaceutical sales jobs-3

pharmaceutical sales rep jobs-4

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most stable and fast growing industry in the world today. Studies have indicated that pharmaceutical industry has grown by 300 percent in the last ten years itself with which you can imagine pharmaceutical sales jobs have also quadrupled. Pharmaceutical sales rep jobs involves selling highly technical advanced products to teams of physicians and medical professionals. Therefore, medical sales jobs are regarded as very prestigious. Medical sales jobs are often referred as slump proof and offers good salary potential, flexibility, benefits and growth.

Medical sales jobs can be devided into 2 categories- capital sales and non capital sales or consumable sales. Each category has it own set of unique sales requirements and processes. Pharmaceutical sales jobs involving Capital sales refer to selling information systems, hardware, billing, diagnostic and laboratory equipment. Medical sales jobs requiring consumable sales consist of selling consumable products like pharmaceuticals, laboratory reagents, and medicines.

Employers usually seek those with a college degree and some previous sales experience for pharmaceutical sales rep jobs. People with no sales background can still break into pharmaceutical sales rep jobs if they come geared with clinical or healthcare background. Other most sought after qualities in pharmaceutical sales rep jobs are strong drive to achieve the set targets, willingness to learn, good communication skills, listening skills and presentation skills. But most of all an aptitude for science is required. If you do not enjoy science or reading about new scientific breakthroughs then you cannot think of succeeding in a pharmaceutical sales jobs. Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Merck offer loads of opportunities to college graduates to work in pharmaceutical sales jobs.Medical device sales jobs are one of the types of pharmaceutical sales jobs.Medical device sales jobs involve demonstrating products ranging from sophisticated surgical devices like hip or knee replacement surgical devices to key hole surgical kits. Medical device sales jobs also involve selling varied products like non clinical hospital equipment, aids for the disabled, implants and high tech equipment used in imaging and radiotherapy. A proven track record in pharmaceutical industry and thorough knowledge in ever changing competitive marketplace is needed to make a mark in medical device sales jobs. The international market for medical devices continues to grow at an unprecedented rate wherein competition is getting tense by the day. As a result there is an upsurge of medical sales jobs with people to benefit from the tremendous opportunities available in pharmaceuticals.

Inside and outside sales jobs

outside sales jobs-5

inside sales jobs-5

international sales jobs-7

sales trainer jobs-5

Sales today present varied roles apart from the traditional sales jobs.There are various types of sales opportunities- sales trainer jobs, inside sales jobs, outside sales jobs and even international sales jobs. Depending upon your experience and personal characteristics, you can decide which type of sales job you are suited to. Sales trainer jobs are offered to those who have had a successful sales career in the past and have mentoring capabilities to train new people in sales.These days sales trainer jobs are on a rise as companies are realizing that by training their sales force on company policies, products and methodologies, sales figures increase by bigger numbers. Sales trainer jobs involve training the employees on the company’s offerings as a result they are able to sell them better. Also there is a better retention of sales staff if they are given training. Sales training was frowned upon by top sales managers earlier as the popular belief was that sales people are born with instinctive ability to convince and sell. However, with changing times it is felt that uncertain sales people can be churned into confident people with appropriate training. And already chiseled sales people can turn into greater sales men after sales training exercises. Sales trainer jobs involve training sales force on an ongoing basis as that makes sales people feel more supported in their company. Inside sales jobs requires sales executives to work while staying in office. Inside sales jobs requires one to sell products and services over the phone. Handling questions, complaints and pitching for new business over the phone are all part of inside sales jobs. Inside sales jobs do not involve much of travel, require less paperwork and lesser hours than outside sales jobs. Outside sales jobs are usually offered to those who have more sales experience, have proven track record of achieving results and require less management intervention. People in outside sales jobs need to fix appointments with prospective clients, make presentations and pitch for the company’s products and services constantly. Outside sales jobs are more challenging, time consuming and offer more job satisfaction than inside sales jobs. This is because of the sheer excitement sales executive feel before any face to face meeting. Also the customer tends to connect well with them and possibility of closing a deal sooner increases in case of outside sales jobs.While it is still easy to land an inside or outside sales job, international sales jobs are hard to get. They don’t just happen. You need to plan a career if you wish to persue international sales jobs.You can target to get recruited by a global conglomerate in international sales jobs.These companies require you to travel abroad frequently to meet up with prospective clients and close deals. Usually international sales jobs are offered to people with extensive sales experience. An early entry into International sales jobs can be made if you have a degree from foreign university or have some international work experience. The three most sought after skills for international sales jobs are social skills, cognitive skills and personal qualities. Problem solving, decision making, adaptability, innovative and good product knowledge are general and personal skills which are a base but the social skills like ability to work and sell to highly diverse group of people make you the apt candidate for international sales jobs.

Entry level and field sales jobs

entry level sales jobs-4

field sales jobs-3

healthcare sales jobs-6

fmcg jobs-6

Entry level sales jobs are available these days in all employment arenas whether it is Banking industry, healthcare , fmcg, IT or call centres. Usually entry level sales jobs are field sales jobs. Entry level sales jobs involves representation of the companies at trade organizations, events and demonstrations. Sales personnel usually travel a lot to meet prospective customers in field sales jobs. Entry level sales jobs require high school degree or at the maximum graduation degree. Field sales jobs require people to be active, enthusiastic and have good product knowledge of products and markets. Freshers have an exciting opportunity to take advantage of a rewarding career and growth in fmcg jobs. FMCG refers to Fast moving Consumer goods sector which is fourth largest sector in Indian economy. Fmcg jobs for freshers include direct selling jobs, business to business sales jobs or business to customer sales jobs. In fmcg jobs, employees start directly selling through company outlets, internet, tele sales, departmental stores and hyper markets. Professionals in fmcg jobs are trained by the organizations per the business requirement and profile assigned to the employee. They need to be competent, outgoing and should be able to work well under pressure. Fmcg jobs usually require professionals to be armed with higher degree in form of MBA or advanced diploma in marketing. People can search for fmcg jobs in consumer goods sector, electronics or pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals or Health care sales jobs have outgrown any other sector. Health care sale jobs involves sale of any product that helps in the process of laboratorian, radiologist, physician, respiraotory therapist or any other professional who provide service to patients. Medical sales, Medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, clinical laboratory sales, Biotech laboratory sales, laboratory equipment sales and pathology sales are some of the types of Health care sales jobs available. There are field sales also available in health care sales jobs.Field service engineers, Field technical support, Research laboratory sales and Imaging sales are other types of healthcare sales jobs. A person with proven experience in medical field armed with a graduation or post graduation degree in health science can be ideal for healthcare sales jobs. If people try to get into healthcare sales jobs as freshers, they tend to build extensive work experience in this sector and are able to experience unprecedented growth.

Hot sales Jobs

hotel sales jobs-4

industrial sales jobs-3

construction sales jobs-4

sales associate jobs-4

With economy showing upward trend, sales as a career option is experiencing a high. Hot sales jobs are available in hotel industry, industrial sales or construction industry. No industry today is as fast moving as hotel industry. With the rise in the hotels industry there is rise in hotel sales jobs as well. Hotel sales jobs involve selling blocks of rooms or bookings for special events like new year’s or accommodation packages or dining and banquet services .The type of salary in hotel sales jobs largely depends on the type of employer you work for and the number of years of experience. You can start a career in hotel sales job by becoming a hotel sales executive or sales associate or hotel sales manager and go on to become Corporate sales manager or Sales director as you progress in your career.

Construction industry has experienced boom in the recent past and construction companies have become one stop shop for clients which include building design, pre construction and property management. This has led to rise in construction sales jobs. Construction sales jobs consist of External sales, Marketing and project management. Construction sales jobs also include being the key point of contact for manufacturers, distributors and merchants for building products. You can start a career in field sales by taking up construction sales jobs as Area sales manager or Sales executive or Sales associate for selling products in insulation, bathroom fittings, lighting or curtain walling. If you have relevant experience in construction then you can take up senior roles like Marketing or National Sales manager or National account Manager or export manager.

Industrial sales job is another hot sales job sector. Sales associates work for Industrial sectors like adhesives, air compressors, building services, coatings, drilling machinery, industrial manufacturing consumables, lubricants, oils, polymers, test and calibration equipement or welding equipment when they opt for working in Industrial sales jobs.Industrial sales jobs requires sales associates to be comfortable in industrial setting and sell to engineers and professionals with mechanical aptitude.

Media, retail and advertising sales jobs

advertising sales jobs-4

media sales jobs-5

retail sales jobs-5

sales coordinator jobs-3

It could not be a better time to be in sales. With economic recession almost over, every industry seems to be looking for competent professionals to bring in the business. There seems to be a welcome rise in advertising sales jobs, media sales jobs and retail sales jobs. You can find Advertising sales jobs including sales coordinator jobs, sales executive and telesales executive jobs when you are trying to break into the advertising industry. Advertising sales jobs basically involve selling magazine or online advertising space to existing and prospective clients. As you progress in your career, you can think of getting Account manager or Account Director roles in Advertising sales jobs. In Account Management capacity you basically plan the brief, manage the advertising and brand campaigns and manage relationship with clients, suppliers and internal teams.

Media sales jobs involve selling across many platforms like print, online, email campaigns and subscriptions. Media sales jobs also involve researching and contacting exhibitions and conference clients with an imaginative approach to impel sales and maintain good client relationships for future sales. Sales coordinator jobs are available as entry point into Media sales jobs. From there on, there are ample opportunities in media sales jobs to grow as an International Media sales manager, global media manager or strategic Marketing and Media Manager.

At the same time retail sales jobs are also on a rise. There are many professionals who work behind the scenes to keep employers, suppliers, customers and investors happy. It is easy to get sales coordinator jobs in retail sector as a fresh graduate. Retail sales jobs are devided in three main categories- store upkeep, product handling and administration. Retail Buyers review products in the market and sign off that might be bought for their store. Retail Merchandisers review available products, price them and decide the best of displaying them in the store for maximizing sales.Retail sales jobs also include being retail sales clerk, retail cashier, retail store managers and retail loss prevention managers. Once you have crossed the middle management in retail sales jobs, you can go to become part of Retail Corporate Management and manage the entire look and feel of the store or mall. As you can see, there are ample opportunities in advertising, media or retail sales so what are you waiting for? Go on and start applying and build a fabulous career.

Auto, car and insurance sales jobs

auto sales jobs-6

car sales jobs-4

insurance sales jobs-5

sales assistant jobs-4

With economy coming out of the recession slowly and steadily, auto sales jobs are on the rise. Auto sales jobs are offered at car dealerships. Car dealerships basically serve as a link between car manufacturers and customers. There are two types of car dealerships- franchised car dealerships which showcase new vehicles manufactured by a popular brand and independent used car dealerships which are smaller in size and sell used vehicles including cars. Auto sales jobs or car sales jobs requires professionals with good communication skills, customer servicing, strong drive and ability to work under pressure. Auto sales jobs require people to work long hours. People in car sales jobs usually work weekends as most of the sale is expected on weekends when customers get time from their busy schedules. Bureau of labor statistics projects that there will be eleven percent increase in auto sales jobs by 2016.More and more dealers are providing lucrative salaries in car sales jobs by devising better compensation methods and better commissions. Types of Car sales jobs are Car sales representatives, Used car sales executives, Car sales administrator, Car sales manager and Car sales controller. You can start of a career in auto sales jobs by taking sales assistant jobs. People in sales assistant jobs are required to provide efficient, prompt and courteous service to all customers. Sales assistant jobs also require people to assist with client mailings and processing paperwork, performing office tasks like taking messages, copying, faxing and telecalling customers to schedule appointments. If you have good communication skills, organizational skills and proficient in MS office applications, then progression is easier to senior roles in auto sales jobs or even into insurance sales jobs. Insurance sales jobs require people to sell insurance in life, health, property and long term care to customers. Professionals in insurance sales jobs offer advice to customers on how to reduce risks and choose the best insurance policy. Professionals in insurance sales jobs advise on best financial planning options and retirement plans. Therefore people in insurance sales jobs are involved in continuously cross selling insurance policies and complete account management. Increased competition in Insurance sector has made companies choose people in insurance sales jobs very diligently. Professionals work as insurance agents or brokers either by being directly employed with companies or on independent basis. College graduates can start working in insurance sales assistant jobs and slowly climb the ladder up. Income potential is huge in insurance sector therefore chance to work in insurance sector should not be missed.

Sales manager jobs

sales management jobs-4

sales manager job-4

sales manager jobs-4

sales marketing business development jobs-3

Sales management jobs require sales professionals to manage, organize, lead and motiv

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