Jejeebhoy ,1998 has pointed out two main points that makes it difficult to define infertility, 1) a time period to be used for establishing infertility and 2) how to categorize women who have had one live birth but have not been to subsequently conceive.
For instance, the WHO definition, drawn up by the Scientific Group on the Epidemiology of Infertility (WHO,1991) has utilized a multi-year reference period: if the couple has never imagined regardless of dwelling together and introduction to pregnancy (not utilizing contraception) for a time of two years; essential barrenness is likewise alluded to as essential sterility; Infertility can be auxiliary, if a couple is not able to conceive after a failed attempt, in spite of living together and presentation to pregnancy (without contraception, breastfeeding or baby blues amenorrhoea) for a time of two years; this is otherwise called secondary sterility.

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