Jazmine Hamm Mr

Jazmine Hamm
Mr. DuBe
9B Literature and Composition
10 May 2018
You’re Beautiful, They’re Dead
Every year, an estimated 70 million animals are maimed or killed for cosmetic testing in the US alone, and nearly $12 billion taxpayer dollars are spent yearly on the practice. Poor innocent animals are dying everyday, being shaved and forced to be tested on for the stuff we use daily. Would you want your pets being tested with everyday cosmetics and then euthanized? Then why support animal testing. These are some of the many reasons why testing cosmetics on animals is cruel and unnecessary as there are many different ways to test cosmetics but with Cruelty-Free testing.
Cosmetic companies are testing their products on animals every single day. Don’t be a part of the statistic. Andrea Mather states this, “As we reassess our priorities for the millennium, more and more of us are feeling that there’s nothing pretty about animal testing and that the quest for beauty shouldn’t hurt anyone, including our four-legged friends. American consumers want to see an end to these inhumane practices. A Humane Society of the United States poll conducted in 2013 found that 73 percent of American voters are in favor of federal legislation to end animal testing for cosmetics.” 73% of the American Society realize these issues and want to put animal testing to a stop. It is simply inhumane and unnecessary as we have other options. Furthermore, I believe that this cruelty should come to an end. Mather explains, “As a result, we are seeking out cosmetics from companies that proudly proclaim they are cruelty-free, which means that neither their products nor the ingredients they use have been tested on animals.”
Beauty isn’t just a shiny lipstick or rosy blush, it’s humanity. Victoria says, “One method of testing beauty products is toxicokinetics. This method determines how an ingredient is absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted. The test subjects are force-fed cosmetics ingredients before being killed. Once dead, there organs are examined to see how the ingredient was distributed in their bodies.” This is just simply inhumane and disgusting how we allow human kind to do such things! It is horrible just thinking about a poor, innocent animal who can’t do anything to help itself, being forced to test out items we use daily. Victoria argues this, “Cruelty to animals has remained ivy on the great walls of cosmetics testing for years. Unnecessary, inconclusive and inhumane lab experiments show the ugly side of beauty, and it is about time justice for animals prevails.” This easily shows that scientists are hired to repeatedly abuse all these animals for beauty, and it’s disgusting. Each year, more than 100 million animals die each year from animal testing. These numbers are drastically higher than they should be and something needs to be done about it.
Madeline Kim argues, “Alternatively, testing using paid human clients is another alternative. At first, testing on humans may seem to be less ethical than testing on an animal, but this level of heightened caution that researchers feel about testing on humans may provide heightened incentive to be more cautious about testing. On the participants’ end, participants must give consent to be a part of the procedure and may withdraw at any point they choose, a freedom that animals subjects do not have. Additionally, humans can hold the researchers accountable. Should any ethical guideline be broken, they can take the researchers to court; such justice is much harder to do for animals. “This shows that science is allowing us to use different solutions to solve problems in our life. Animal testing may, at one point, have been the most ethical way to test ingredients. However, that is not the case anymore. As our technology is evolving, so should our testing methods. Madeline shows, “What we learn from such studies is nothing to scoff at. Participant-based studies have allowed cosmetic brands to test out new products that consumers can enjoy. Case studies involving human participants allow us to learn about the efficacies of new medicines and treatments. The world of possibilities exceeds what we can imagine, but we are confined by the mentality that animal testing is the best testing method.” The fact that animals don’t have a say and are forced into death is cruel and inhumane. However, with human testers, they give consent to being tested and it is better for humanity. Humans have the option to choose to be tested on when animals don’t.
So as you can see, from my main points, animal testing involves taking live animals and putting them under harsh circumstances with different options available. It is so easy to become cruelty free to help put an end to animal testing for cosmetics. Lastly, animal testing isn’t even the cost-friendly way to go as the US spends up to 14.5 billion dollars on animal testing. Safety should come before monetary cost. It is extremely important to stop animal testing because it is putting the U.S. more in debt and is just inhumane and unnecessary with the other steps we could take.

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