INTRODUCTION he has confronted, what steps he needed

Leadership can bring about a sea of change in any business. It is fundamental that great pioneers lead their business and make their organizations effective. They influence hierarchical culture, employee motivation, client encounter, and even the picture that the organization has. It likewise has a tendency to decrease the level of workplace pressure. All the more fundamentally, it likewise helps in finding esteems past monetary profits.
The study is concerned with the life and works of a productive youthful pioneer. The study aspires to talk about concentrating on the sort of leadership approach that he has, the sort of difficulties that he has confronted, what steps he needed to take to beat these difficulties and what might he be able to have done any other way with the goal that he could have been more compelling. The examination will finish up with a short note on the learnings that have been procured by concentrate the life and works of the pioneer. The young leader Daniel Flynn is the best selection for this study as he is one of the most successful social entrepreneurs of Australia. Daniel is a powerful and eager business visionary who has a strong obligation and sense of duty regarding ‘do the inconceivable’ changing dreams into a reality. The energetic Australian business visionary who has left a stamp with his works.
Daniel Flynn is the CEO and co-founder of ThankYou. He studied at RMIT University. He started ThankYou in 2008 with the help of Justine Flynn and Jarryd Burns and some university students. The initiative started with a factory that provided services at no upfront costs. The company had major success by 2013, and Daniel Flynn has not looked back since then. Currently he is the CEO of ThankYou and Chapter One, a book company that supports the funding of ThankYou.
Every Leader has his own style of leading his business and his team. Daniel Flynn is no exception. Being a modern day entrepreneur, the approach to the leadership he follows is also very modern. Most traditional approaches are becoming extinct and more modern and creative ones are replacing them. Management is now more about the people and less about the processes. That is the reason why even employers and leaders are motivating their employees to find something meaningful to them outside of work (To, Herman and Ashkanasy, 2015). Although, modern leadership approaches have shunned the technology and has embraced humanity to bring success to the company and for the community.
The approach that reflects his devoting character is transformational leadership approach, which intends to create a vision that is much beyond the performance of the organization and works towards higher ideals and values that is not limited to self-interest. However, Transformational leadership influences the leaders to bring about innovative outcomes. It has been observed through various research and study was done on leadership approaches those styles, as a Transformational approach to leadership has been able to produce better outcomes and promote innovation (Engelen et al., 2015). Flynn’s leadership approach is more transformational in nature. Flynn being a young entrepreneur did not limit his thoughts, vision, and mission to only monetary gains. He had done extensive research on the global water crisis because he was deeply pained for the children in Africa who had to spend almost half of their day collecting water for their family. Furthermore, he also found out that Australians spend more than 600 million dollars on bottled drinking water every year. He tried to merge these two extremes and conceptualized Thank You water (Thankyou. 2018). The sole purpose of the company was to fund safe drinking water projects across the globe. He has taken initiatives to help more than 100,000 people with safe water access, nearly 110,000 people with health and hygiene training and near about 22000 people with short-term food aid. On the other side, the organization is also doing very well business wise. Thank you currently has products stocked across 4500 outlets in Australia including retail giants Coles, Woolworths and various cafes. This innovative thinking has helped the company grow rapidly and make significant changes in the life of people, which beyond mere financial gains (Schwerdt, 2015).
Daniel Flynn confronted various difficulties while beginning his wander ThankYou. The concept was unique but there were some problems initially. The project of developing bottled water and donating some amounts from the sales was not much supported by his friends.
The primary challenge that he faced as leader was the lack of a constructive idea to begin with. He and his friends did not have much idea about starting a bottled company. The lack of a proper business plan created problems for Daniel to lead his team. They had several unsuccessful factory visits and a lot of time was spent in meetings. The first product launch was also unsuccessful (Zambrell et al., 2015).
Another challenge he faced as a leader was the lack of support from the retailers (Adner, 2016). In 2013, Daniel and his team expanded his product range but they had no retailers. They had the ideas and the products but they were not able to market them.
Amidst these challenges, Daniel never lost hope, and worked hard to convert his idea into success. He encouraged his team, kept them motivated all the time, and kept looking for potential investors. At last, he decided to adopt modern practices like creative social branding and launched the Coles and Woolworths campaign. This campaign asked the consumers to pursue the retailers to sell ThankYou’s products. They went overboard and flew planes over their headquarters to gather their attention. Their sales pitch was so innovative and effective that attracted the companies. Within the few hours of launching the campaign, Coles and Woolworths both agreed to sell their products. They also had 7 Eleven on their side. They were able to overcome all the challenges because of the leadership qualities of Daniel Flynn. His vision and determined spirit helped him and his team to establish Thank You.
In spite of the fact that Daniel Flynn and his group have been exceptionally fruitful in their business wanders, there is an opportunity to get better. The proposals that could enhance administration are as per the following:
I. All the members can be involved in the different organizational processes. This will improve the company strategies of the leaders, as he will be able to inform all the members about the decisions. This will directly affect the motivation and productivity of the employees. The leaders will be able to enhance the participation of the members of the company. The leaders can give more responsibilities to the team members to improve their self-worth and commitment towards the company.
II. Great leadership will be effective in the long run, if the leaders invest in their personal development and education. Developing new skills and knowledge, applying them in real life situations is extremely important for the leaders and the employees. The acquired skills can be communicated to the other members of the team. Gaining knowledge will help the leaders to play the role of both a mentor and coach. Gathering new skills will help the leaders to develop better company strategies and improve the current leadership strategies.
Throughout the study, many concepts can be learned about leadership through the leadership approach of Daniel Flynn. Primarily, it can be observed that Daniel Flynn is a very inspirational entrepreneur who sets an example. He addressed the situation of water scarcity and insufficient water supply with a very positive approach. Initially he did not have proper resources to support his idea of starting a mineral water business. Daniel and his team struggled a lot throughout his initial years, but his leadership was very strong. Initially they faced many difficulties in finding investors and retailers to support their business (Goddard, Hazelkorn and Vallance, 2016). However, Daniel was determined to succeed and kept pushing his teammates to develop new ideas. The idea of innovative social media branding was one of the key moments of ThankYou’s road to success. Daniel was very keen to collaborate with the likes of Coles and Woolworths to sell his products. It can be observed that innovative leadership is perhaps the most effective leadership strategies in the current business scenario (Barling, 2014). Daniel Flynn’s leadership style reflects the essence of innovation along with modern marketing strategies.
The most important aspect of Daniel Flynn’s leadership is his social responsibility. He sets an example that innovative business strategies can also address the important social causes that are overlooked (Christensen, Mackey and Whetten, 2014). From his leadership approach, it is evident that he was committed to his goal and the cause for which he was working so hard. In many interviews, Daniel Flynn has stated on many occasions he felt like giving up. However, his vision and social responsibility kept him going. This is a big lesson in leadership, which has inspired many young entrepreneurs around the globe to fight for a social cause (Durkin, 2016).
This study helps in understanding the importance of leadership and how it can create an impact on the business as well as the society as a whole. In this particular study the life work and approaches of a young and prolific leader Daniel Flynn has been evaluated. The founder of Thank You and Chapter One has kept a footprint through his company for the wellbeing of the humankind and the society. It also discusses the various challenges that he faced while developing his business and how he was able to successfully overcome it through his transformational approach. It also reconstructs the approach, tries, and makes few suggestions that could have achieved better results. The study concludes with a brief note on the personal understanding of the leadership style of Daniel Flynn.

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