– In Stanza 2 Langston uses Irony

– In Stanza 2 Langston uses Irony, when the speaker says “They send me to eat in the kitchen” but rather then being angry because of the injustice he laughs, eats well and grows strong. When someone is being treated as lower then society a typical feeling that we would expect is anger and sadness, but he shows the complete opposite response. He doesn’t let this affect him and still lives happily because he has hope. It is the hope that he holds onto that makes him strong to be able to continue fighting for what he believes in.
Topic 3: Tone
-The tone of the poem is an important part in really understanding the speaker. Throughout the tone of the speaker changes several times. In first stanza he says “I, too, sing America”, this is him stating in a proud tone that he too identifies

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