In Jamaica, there is a vast number

In Jamaica, there is a vast number of children with absent fathers. There are too many neglected, unloved and uncared for children especially in the inner cities, many of which can be seen wandering the streets and left to the mercy of perpetrators. Growing up without a father or male figure as a role model is very difficult for children, especially boys. Mothers are left to raise their children by themselves, the fathers are never around. Often these mothers are teenage girls or under twenty-five (25) years of age who lack experience and need guidance themselves.
In Jamaica society, fatherless children are at a disadvantage as they face more struggles to achieve success in their lives both personally and academically. They lack the sense of the most basic social norms and behaviors. These children become the raw materials of crime in Jamaica as they usually form gangs and engage in criminal acts due to lack of proper guidance and stability. Children from broken homes are far more likely to commit crimes than those from stable families. Many research studies also support the theory that weak family structure correlates with delinquency. The family is the foundation of human society.

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