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I interviewed Sandy Maric; he is a mutual funds representative at RBC Royal Bank. Among the things that caught my attention through the interview are how the bank system helps him to approve a loan product to a costumer. The straightforward requirements RBC handles in order to borrow money to the people. During the interview, Sandy was kind and gentle, we had a nice sort of conversation instead of a strict session of questions and answers. We got along in a great way and the conversation allowed me to get to know about which is the process the bank had to approve a loan product and other important issues involved the credit consumer lending practices.
I started asking him what I should do to get a loan product, “You need to get a no monthly fee Student Banking account, in order to qualify for a pre-approval credit card does not require a credit history with a limit up to $ 2,000”. He also explained that RBC has special programs do not need credit history to help other newcomers to Canada. These programs will give them a credit card that they can use to build a good credit history. Any other credit/loan application require income application, that give client employee status or if the client is self-employee. The self-employee costumer needs to bring all the tax information.

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