I believe that a huge part of nurse care incorporates people skills such as compassion

I believe that a huge part of nurse care incorporates people skills such as compassion, empathy, sympathy and kindness. I also believe having good communication skills are vital which has the outcome in the satisfaction of certain patient needs. A science of caring is the remedy to science of curing. It is the fundamental core of nurse-patient relationships. Nurse care is a certain kind of affection. We define love in expressions of personal relationship. But caritas is an affection of professional relationships, expressed by nurse involved in helping patients, especially patients who are unwell, injured or at risk This image I have chosen illustrates to me that the meaning of care is. To promote compassion, feelings, empathy and showing concern. Sometimes just by listening to someone for a few minutes or answering a simple question, indicates to the patient that I do have their best interest at heart. To our patients, this will seem as a routine but for us, it’s a matter of life-and-death for some, we can simplify their care in a hospital structure by making them as comfortable as possible.
I choose this image because the signification of caring is what it shows. Cultural diversity places an immense part of caring for patients. A cultural request is explained as the motivation of the nurse to get involved in the process of becoming culturally informed, knowledgeable, skillful, and seeking cultural encounters.
Caring as nurse influences me by being aware of our availability towards our patients as it can lead to them feeling like we fail to recognize and lacking in emotional support. Building a repour helps them trust you with delivering suitable care between the relationship with patient and families. What I believe is important from a beginners nurse perspective is. To be self-aware in what you say, do, think and feel avoid resisting to any boundaries of clinical care in achieving a connection with my patient. Work towards providing a moral commitment to cares.
I choose nursing as my profession because I truly believe that the desire to help people through nursing is my calling, and I feel drawn to helping those in need. From a caring perspective, I want to be the type of nurse that is capable to determine, coordinate and support the patient and family in providing safe, quality care and care preferences. Do my best to support their decisions walk them through the experience and vital information needed, Also keeping current knowledge enhance skills and my learning abilities up to professional standards. To support all colleagues I’ll have the opportunity to with. Present me in a healthy positive manner.

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