Health-related Malaysia. This raises an important question

Health-related issues are already spiraling out of control amongst migrants in Malaysia. The most effective way to vanquish ailments and diseases is to provide the families of migrant workers with free medical and healthcare in Malaysia. This raises an important question every so often asked by locals. Why should we care for the migrants and their family?
Firstly, migrant workers are barely earning enough to make ends meet. They would work 7 days a week without a day off even when they are ill. They even get penalized up to RM100 for taking a day off even if they are sick. This is not fair. Due to the fact that they are migrants, they should not be treated any less than a human being.
Moreover, most migrants are adults in their mid-30s to mid-40s with family to support. By earning approximately RM1,000 to RM1,500 a month is insufficient to meet domestic necessities. Most of their money would be used to pay the rent, electricity and water bill and to educate their children. At the end of the month, they would not have enough money to afford an appointment with a doctor. Migrants would self-diagnose and buy medicines from the pharmacy, which can sometimes be pricey.
Besides that, the population of migrants is increasing over the years. With free medical and health care, we can control and curb the widespread of diseases in the long run.
They have crossed several seas, went through hardships, were sometimes abused and looked down upon, and hence they deserve much care from Malaysia.
As little as we know, migrants have helped boost our economy making it sustainable. They also help fill job vacancies and skills that are not suitable for locals. 3D (Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous) jobs can be done by migrants. In addition to that, they also bring in new energy and innovation to the job. For another thing, with the addition of migrants in Malaysia, our country is enriched with cultural diversity.
The Malaysian government can take steps to provide free medical and health care services for the family of migrants. We can form alliances with respective migrant’s countries to aid in this humane project. In addition to that, the government should also allocate a reasonable amount of money for the migrants medical and healthcare without jeopardizing Malaysian’s welfare.

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